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229102cs.jpg (64654 bytes)

Diesel engine 229 102 in front (another 229 engine is on the other side) of a shuttle train to Diepensee, the station of the International Aviation and Space Exhibition (ILA) 1994, standing at Berlin Zoo station. Some weeks later, the track through the city of Berlin was closed for rebuilding.

Photo by Christian Splittgerber (

229126-8.jpg (36904 bytes)

DB Class 229. 229 126-8 at Erfurt Hbf, with a local RE train. 5/9/00

Photo: Vincent Middlebrough

229193cs.jpg (61680 bytes)

An IC shuttle service with 229 193 in front (another 229 engine is on the other side) standing in Berlin Zoo station in May 1993. Because the rails to Berlin Zoo were not yet completely under electricity, the ICE trains ran to Berlin Lichtenberg instead of Berlin Zoo. The connection between the ICE and the IC shuttle was located in the sleepy town of Michendorf in the south of Berlin.

Photo by Christian Splittgerber (

BWeimar_9.jpg (129584 bytes)

EX DR 229 199 ins Bw weimar am 30 Mai 2009 Scanned photo by Leon Schrijvers

DB229_1996051106.jpg (101939 bytes)

A DBAG class 229 locomotive in Sangerhausen, May 11th, 1996.

Photo and scan by Ernst-Jan Fix(

DB_Netz_229_181-3.jpg (78611 bytes)

DB Netz 229 181 was parked in Krefeld on 28th of September 2008.
Photo ©Arnim v. Herff

db229128.jpg (39902 bytes)

DB (ex DR)-locomotive 229 128-4 in Hamburg-Altona, 1992.

Photo and scan by Ernst Kers <>

db229163.jpg (58671 bytes)

229 163 in Grossengottern
2.Mai 1997
Michael Lange

db229wm.jpg (64288 bytes)

Diesel locomotive 229 128-4 of the DBAG stabled in the station of Weimar on 8 June 1997, together with an electric locomotive and a "Ferkeltax" diesel motor car.

Photo and scan by Marco van Uden <>

dbag229.jpg (20746 bytes)

4 May 1997, station: Erfurt Hbf, Germany
DB AG diesel 229 171-4 (Erfurt depot; rebuilt in 1991 from then DR class 119, now 219) with RE 3365 (Erfurt - Gößnitz)

4. Mai 1997, Bf. Erfurt Hbf, Deutschland
DB-AG-Diesellok 229 171-4 (Bh Erfurt; 1991 umgebaut aus damaliger DR-Baureihe 119, heute 219) mit RE 3365 (Erfurt - Gößnitz)

Photo by Sven Manias (
Scan by Marco van Uden (

dbag229s.jpg (26856 bytes)

16 February 1997, station: Erfurt Hbf, Germany
Side view of DB AG diesel loco 229 193-8 with an RE train

16. Februar 1997, Bf. Erfurt Hbf, Deutschland
Seitenansicht der DB-AG-Diesellok 229 193-8 mit einem Regionalexpress

Photo by Sven Manias (

dr229120.jpg (24977 bytes)

17 August 1993, station: Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany
DR diesel-hydraulic locomotive 229 120-1 passing through with an IC or EC train, probably to Hamburg. In the background at left, an S-Bahn train composed of class 475 EMUs is visible.

17. August 1993, Bf. Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Deutschland
Dieselhydrauliklok 229 120-1 der DR bei der Durchfahrt mit einem IC oder EC, vermutlich auf dem Weg nach Hamburg. Links im Hintergrund ein S-Bahn-Zug der Baureihe 475.

Photo by Sven Manias (

229_181_K.jpg (94028 bytes)

229 181 in DB-Bahnbau livery leaving Köln Hbf. 07/29/2003

Photo: Ulf

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