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240002-altona.jpg (48035 bytes)

Dieselelektrische Lokomotive 240 002-6 1993 in Hamburg-Altona.

Photo and scan by Sebastian Koppehel

240_001-8_Kiel_12_5_94.jpg (150942 bytes)

240 001-8 Kiel 12.5.94

Copyright by Rolf Wiemann , Contact:

DE1024_12X.jpg (43598 bytes)

Prototype locomotives MaK DE1024 (diesel-electric) and ADtranz 12X (electric). Both are owned by the manufacturers and were not ordered by any railway (but the NSB Di6 was derived from the DE1024 and the DB AG 145 partly from the 12X). Bw Dresden-Altstadt, May 1996.

Photo by Tobias B. Köhler (

altona240.jpg (82240 bytes)

Spring 1991, Hamburg Altona
Diesellokomotive 240 002 alias MaK DE 1024.

Photo and scan by Klaus Föhl (

db240002.jpg (34945 bytes)

MAK-locomotive with DB number 240 002-6 in Hamburg-Altona, 1992.

Photo and scan by Ernst Kers <>