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V160 003
Kappeln museum station, 29.04.2006

Photo: Martin Brosow,

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V160 004 (216 004) in its original livery arrived with a semi-fast train to Hamburg in the small station of Sierksdorf. The body of the first series 216 engines looks different to all other 215/216/217/218 engines.

Photo taken by Guenter Splittgerber in the summer of 1965 (?)
Published by Christian Splittgerber (

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Ausbesserungswerk (AW) Bremen, at begin of the 1980., at a public and a non-public sightseeing.

Photo by Ulrich Behning (

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V160 003 am 16.Juni 2002 auf der Fahrzeugparade anlässlich des Festivals der Eisenbahn in Nürnberg.

Photo and scan Gideon Grimmel (