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DB_220_025.jpg (93842 bytes)

DB 220 025 in Lübeck Hbf. 1979.

Photo and scan by M.Koblischka

Div-03.jpg (88230 bytes)

220 xxx Hamburg Hbf, Anfang der 1980er.

Photo by Ulrich Behning (

R0092SINGEN1971.jpg (159789 bytes)

DB 220 065-7 seen at Singen during 1971.

Photo John Turner E-mail

RHINEDB.jpg (151870 bytes)

Part of a box of transparancies which were photographed by me in the early seventies. I have decided to state what is on the the transparancy mount rather than depend on memory. Apart from the fact that it is a DB locomotive no information is available on this photograph at all.

Photograph John Turner E-mail

V200_neu.jpg (78890 bytes)

Historic diesel locomotive class V200 of the Lübecker Eisenbahnfreunde on its way back to Lübeck in the station of Neumünster. 26/04/1997.

Photo and scan by Marco van Uden <>

class221.jpg (36300 bytes)

Deutsche Bundesbahn Class 220 with a train approaching Hamburg Hauptbahnhof, July 1976.

Photo by Thomas McCann, Gresham, Oregon, USA,

db220029.jpg (72394 bytes)

DB Diesel locomotive 220 029-3 (ex V200 029) with sisters.

Photo from MicroVision Photo-CD Picture-Show 21. Copyright TRONIC-Verlag.

lubeck.jpg (92049 bytes)

DB - 220-041. The heydays of class 220 in 1975, as it could been seen clearly outside Lübeck. Notice the Schienenbus.

Photo by Jan Agersten (

v200-009.jpg (105513 bytes)

In Winter 1984, I went to Germany for a weekend-long railtour with one of the famous Deutsche Bundesbahn V200 B-B hydraulics. Here V200-009 pauses at Eyach on the Zollernbahn on 6th January 1984. These loco's were of course the inspiration for British Railways' own "Warship" class, the D800's.

Photo: Nick Leverton - -

SBB18467.jpg (53768 bytes)

SBB 18467 diesel engine, a former class V200 of DB, now returned to Germany and seen in Seddin cargo station in July 1998.

Photo and scan by Tobias Nink and Michael Weingärtner ( Tobias' Homepage - Micha's Homepage )

ex_v200_france.jpg (154356 bytes)

A lot of German V200 were sold to building contractors and other companies in many countries. This V200 was photographed by Torsten Giesen in Villeneuve St.Georges (Paris) marshalling yard on the 10th of September 1992.

(c)1997 by ... Torsten Giesen (
Scan by ... Eike M. Belgardt (
Scanned with Polaroid SprintScan 35 of the RWTH Aachen, Germany