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347-096.jpg (140514 bytes)

Germany Railion class 347 (1524 mm) diesel shunter Unit 347 096 at Mukran ferry port on Monday October 2nd, 2006

Photo by Toms Altbergs, Riga, Latvia (

ER19-DE-28.jpg (152766 bytes)

Nurnberg Hbf station.

Photo by Emanuele Rava, 09-08-2019 e-mail

kappeln2.jpg (135187 bytes)

Unidentified diesel shunter "2" at Kappeln station.

Picture taken on May 31st, 1998.

Photo and scan by Fridtjof Uth <>

minilok.jpg (67706 bytes)

The `minilok' of Allrad-Rangiertechnik is a range of industrial diesel shunters with 2 to 6 axles that can also roll on roads thanks to their steering wheelsets with rubber tyres. Here the 4-axle version is exhibited at the Hannover Industry Fair 1996.

Photo and scan: Tobias B. Köhler (

orangelok.jpg (102898 bytes)

Dampflokfest Dresden 2000

Diesel shunter TGK 2-31, built 1989 by Kaluga (CCCP), now owned by IG Dampflok Nossen. See here for more info about this locomotive (in German).

Digital photo: tobias b köhler

pfullingen.jpg (110998 bytes)

Small shunter built by Schöma.

Picture taken in July 1997 at Pfullingen (near Reutlingen).

Photo and scan by David Jürgens <>

shunter_fh.jpg (57111 bytes)

Small industrial shunter type LKM V22 - similar to DBAG classes 311 and 312.0 - in Freital-Hainsberg on 5 March 2000.

Photo and scan by Marco van Uden