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DBAG_402_001-2_FrankfurtMainHbf.jpg (38279 bytes)

Detail view of DBAG ICE-2 motor unit 402 001-2, showing the unit number and the names of the builder companies.

On this day, 402 001-2 was coupled to a ICE-1 trainset, probably the original motor unit needed an intensive inspection ...

Frankfurt/Main Hbf, Germany, 2000-06-10

Photo and scan: Klaus von der Heyde

DB_ICE2_Frankfurt_1.jpg (68829 bytes)

ICE 2 set of DB-FV (Class 402), seen on ICE 776 (Saarbrücken Hbf ---> Oldenburg, via Frankfurt and Hannover), while reversing at Frankfurt Hbf.

Frankfurt Hbf.

24th September 2006.

P.L.Guillemin (

db4020459_bk0708080027.jpg (149557 bytes)

Deutsche Bahn - 402045-9

ICE-Lok 402045-9 in Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof, aufgenommen am 08. August 2007.

Photo: Bernd Kittendorf (

ice2_ffm.jpg (33149 bytes)

ICE 2 waiting cabcar forward in Frankfurt Main 1999.
More pictures at Eisenbahnwelt, sorry please use the german pages, the english ones are a bit out of date.