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DB 406 004
ICE 15 (Brussel Zuid-Frankfurt/Main Hbf)
Nessonvaux (B), 23-08-2008.

© Eddy Konijnendijk.

20030719_Verviers_096.jpg (120865 bytes)

SNCB (Belgian Railways)
Verviers,  19.7.2003

Photo: Darko & Sasa Pahic Szabo - more photos on

20030719_Verviers_101.jpg (81696 bytes)

SNCB (Belgian Railways)
Verviers,  19.7.2003

Photo: Darko & Sasa Pahic Szabo - more photos on

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406 011-7 heads ICE 15 (Bruxelles-Frankfurt) running through Trooz (on Aachen-Liège) on 1 June 2003.

Digital photo by Christoph Schmitz

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ICE trainset 4601 enters the LGV 3 (new high-speed line between Aachen and Liège) on a westbound test run on 10 March 2009. The old line is on the left, with the junction far in the background. The train has just passed the voltage changeover from 3 kV DC to 25 kV 50 Hz (located between the junction and the arch bridge), all pantographs are still down.

Photo by Christoph Schmitz (

4601tc1.jpg (159028 bytes)

ICE trainset 4601 passes Thimister-Clermont on an eastbound test run on the LGV 3 (new high-speed line between Aachen and Liège) on 10 March 2009. The pantograph on the fifth car (for 25 kV 50 Hz) is raised.

Photo by Christoph Schmitz (

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ICE trainset 4602 passes the Moresnet bridge between Aachen West and Montzen (on Aachen-Visé) on a test run as train 19664 from Aachen West to Liège-Guillemins (via Visé) on 21 October 2009.

Photo by Christoph Schmitz (

4604ch1.jpg (87009 bytes)

ICE trainset 4604 leaves the LGV 3 (new high-speed line between Aachen and Liège) at the western end in Chênée as one of the two inaugural trains (the other one was a PBKA Thalys) on 12 June 2009. As the train is just passing the voltage changeover from 25 kV 50 Hz to 3 kV DC, all pantographs are down. One track of the old line can be seen next to the platform on the right.

Photo by Christoph Schmitz (

DB_ICE3M_4601_Liege_1.jpg (127518 bytes)

ICE 3-M set (No 4601) of DB-FV, seen on ICE International 10 (Frankfurt Hbf ---> Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid).


6th April 2008.

P.L.Guillemin (

DB_ICE3M_Nossegem_1.jpg (158013 bytes)

ICE3-M set of DB FV, seen on ICE International 10 (Frankfurt Hbf ---> Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid), while nearing its final destination.


30th July 2006.

P.L.Guillemin (

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During the second half of October, 2001, a DB multi-voltage ICE3 (type 406) visited Belgium for type acceptance tests, in preparation for through running between Köln and Brussels next year when the high-speed line now under construction some 65 km between Ans and Leuven is taken into service. It is seen here beside PBA Thalys 4531 outside Forest TGV depôt on 1 November 2001

Photo © 2001 Alan (in Brussels)

IMG_2014_07_23_261ad.jpg (127748 bytes)

Deutsche Bahn ICE DB 4654 as passenger train Frankfurt - Bruxelles-Midi, is passing in Kortijs on HS line, 23 July 2014.

Photo : Philippe Smets

NS4602-14047m--05-05-2014ad.jpg (130536 bytes)

Deutsche Bahn ICE NS 4602 as passenger train Frankfurt - Bruxelles-Midi, is passing in Berloz on HS line, 5 May 2014.

Photo : Philippe Smets

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ICE 3 (4602) in Verviers Richtung Köln. 14.03.2009

Foto: Nilotzki

de_20090811_1.jpg (147776 bytes)

L'ICE 3 vient de traverser la gare de Schaerbeek en provenance de Francfort vers Bruxelles-Midi.

Der ICE 3 (aus Frankfurt nach Brüssel-Midi) hat söben den Bahnhof von Schaerbeek durchquert.

The ICE 3 coming from Frankfurt to Brussels-Midi has just crossed the station of Schaerbeek.

Gare/Station: Schaerbeek/Schaarbeek
Date/Datum: 11-08-2009

Photo: Durvaux Christophe
Train compositions in Belgium and Luxemburg:

ice3mflvr.jpg (147754 bytes)

DB ICE-3M passing Leuven

And you thought that trains that don't pause at Leuven pass the station slowly ?? Certainly not , as this blurred picture of a DB ICE-3M is a proof of it ! Leuven station has 2 fast tracks (160 km/h) for Thalys and ICE-3M trains to pass Leuven since they don't pause there.

Leuven , 27/06/2005.

Photo by : Denis Verheyden Visit DEF for full-sized versions of my pictures.