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9380_5406_002-6_D-DB.jpg (163251 bytes)

ICE 406 002 bound to Amsterdam passed Dinslaken on 2nd of June 2011.
Photo ©Arnim v. Herff

9380_5406_011-7_D-DB_EDIN.jpg (163443 bytes)

ICE-EMU 9380 5406 011-7 "Düsseldorf" passed Dinslaken and was bound to Amsterdam (NL) on 10th of September 2011.
Photo ©Arnim v. Herff

DBAG_406_004-2.jpg (161132 bytes)

DB 406 004-2 passed Dinslaken (D) on 19th of June 2010 bound for Amsterdam.
Photo ©Arnim v. Herff