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BSI-Kupplung.jpg (70605 bytes)

12 September 1998 (open day), Karlsruhe locomotive depot, Germany
Detail view of automatic BSI coupling for shunting, here in raised position, on heavy diesel shunter 294 100-3 (ex 290 100-7)

12. September 1998 ("Tag der Bahn"), Betriebswerk Karlsruhe, Deutschland
Detailaufnahme der automatischen BSI-Rangierkupplung in hochgeklappter Stellung an 294 100-3 (ex 290 100-7)

Photo by Sven Manias (

Dampfleitung.jpg (73258 bytes)

Steam pipe connections (for steam heated passenger car) stored next to a signalbox in Dresden Hbf. 2001-08-23

Photo: tobias b köhler

Z-AK.gif (65815 bytes)

The automatic pull coupler (Z-AK) is a system compatible to the classic screw-link coupler which is designed to speed up shunting and allow heavier trains. The side buffers are still needed with this system. The air hose, and optionally the electric coupler, are coupled automatically. 110 prototypes have been built by Knorr-Bremse and tested successfully in 1996 by the DB AG. From 1997 on, this system will be standardized, and can gradually replace the old couplers. As the system is backwards-compatible, transition problems are not expected.

Drawing by DB AG

intermat1.jpg (83161 bytes)

Experimental freight car with automatic coupler type "Intermat", which is compatible both to the UIC AK69e (tested in west Europe and now used for some ore trains) and the SA3 (Willison coupler used in the wide gauge network of the ex-USSR). In the 1970s, Europe's railways managed to develop working automatic couplers, but could never agree on a date to introduce the new system.

Dampflokfest Dresden, 30 April 2000

Digital photo: tobias b köhler

intermat2.jpg (90872 bytes)

Front view of the Intermat coupler. The top part forms a rigid mechanical connection, below you see automatic connections for the pneumatic tubes.

Dampflokfest Dresden, 30 April 2000

Digital photo: tobias b köhler

db_103-174_0003.jpg (152339 bytes)

DB 103 174 connected with DB 403 533
BW Koeln HbF 19-June-2002.

Photo by Michael Winklhofer (