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Siemens Dispolok ES64F, identical to Railion (ex DB) class 152 (originally numbered as 152 9xx after the DB numbering system)

ES_64_F-902.jpg (78457 bytes)

ES 64 F-902 (152 902-3) im Luitpoldhafen in Ludwigshafen abgestellt (12.5.05).

Photo by Wolfgang Mauser (

boxxpress_ES64F.jpg (30602 bytes)

dispolok/boxxpress ES64F (class 152) locomotive.

Photo: Andreas Paduch

dispo_152902-3.jpg (52137 bytes)

Locomotive 152 902-3 (type ES 64 F) of, a "pool" of Siemens locomotives that can be rented to various operators. In the background you see the DSB EG.

InnoTrans 2000, Berlin

Photo: tobias b köhler