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002_notranjegorice_dispolok.jpg (91156 bytes)

Siemens dispolok (currently used on SZ for education of Engineers) with a freight train, heading towards Ljubljana 300m before Notranje Gorice station.
Notranje Gorice, 08.05.2005, 17:40

Photo by Anze Furlan

01170033a.jpg (138680 bytes)

Siemens dispolok ES64F4

Ljubljana-Moste, 2006-01-17

Milan Hribar

090716-40.jpg (151666 bytes)

Dispolok 189 ...
Stafflach, 16-07-2009.

© Eddy Konijnendijk.

120701-38.jpg (130943 bytes)

Tag der offenen Tür beim Siemens Prüfcenter Wegberg-Wildenrath, 01-07-2012.

© Eddy Konijnendijk.

12370063.jpg (151020 bytes)

Open day at the Siemens test center in Wildenrath on 1 July 2012.
Brand new 4-voltage electric locomotives type ES64F4 from Siemens, not yet sold and therefore in plain white livery. The number of the first locomotive is E 189 845.

Photo by Peter Roskott (

189908blo.jpg (152714 bytes)

18908 am 16.10.2011 in Berlin-Lichtenberg.

Foto: J. Maier (

E_189_908RT.jpg (142122 bytes)

Siemens 20731/2004 was parked in Bahnbetriebswerk Krefeld on 8th of January 2011.
Photo ©Arnim v. Herff

Kuf007.jpg (138653 bytes)

F4 007 at Kufstein, 27 May 2006. Scanned

Photo by Leon Schrijvers.