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Kreisbahn Osterode-Kreiensen (KrbOK) DMU T2 (Talbot 96939/1954, B´B´ dh 750mm) beim Verlassen des Tunnels im Westerhöfer Wald. Dieser Tunnel ist 467 m lang.

Photo by N. Illgen (April 1965)
Scan by Uwe Meier (

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KrbOK DMU T2 with freight train at Foerste. Please note the large 4-axle-car (about 16 meters long) on the narrow-gauge track.

Photo by N. Illgen (April 1965)
Scan by Uwe Meier (

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Triebwagen T2 der Kreisbahn Osterode-Kreiensen beim Verlassen des 467 m langen Tunnels im Westerhoefer Wald in Richtung Foerste im April 1965.

Photo: N. Illgen
Scan by Uwe Meier (

krbok6test.jpg (36651 bytes)

DMU T1 (Waggonbau Dessau 1935) with the last passenger train at Eisdorf on May 26, 1967.

Photo: unknown
Scan by Uwe Meier (