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BEG_Robel.jpg (100390 bytes)

Brohltalbahn (Brohl - Engeln). Robel Skl (track maintenance car) in the depot. 2001-06-05.

Photo: tobias b köhler

BE_draisine_KBROB1.jpg (162845 bytes)

Brohltal-Eisenbahn hand operated draisine at Brohl. 2017-08-27.

tobias b köhler

Klv09_12559_KBROB1.jpg (163785 bytes)

Klv09 12559 motor draisine built 1959 by FKF for Deutsche Bundesbahn, first used on standard gauge, 1977 rebuilt to meter gauge for Wangerooge, used until 1994. Currently out of service, it is planned to rebuild it to working condition. Brohl, 2017-08-27.

tobias b köhler

Klv53_0592_KBROB1.jpg (163540 bytes)

Klv53.0592 work car built 1977 by Robel for Deutsche Bundesbahn, 2000 rebuilt to meter gauge. Brohl, 2017-08-27.

tobias b köhler