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19790222-05b.jpg (128970 bytes)

HSB 99 0231-3 at Wernigerode Bf. to Nordhausen Nord 22 Feb. 1979 Photo bay DF901 (

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Steam engine 99 7231 with a train from Wernigerode to Nordhausen in the station of Drei Ahnen Hohne on Sunday, February 9, 1997.

Photo and scan by Johan van den Akker (

997231-6.jpg (49004 bytes)

Dampf-Lok der HSB (Harzer Schmalspurbahn) 99 7231-6
am 19.12.1998 in Wernigerode-Westerntor

Foto und Scan von Thomas Sengler >>> Zur Homepage

HSB7231.jpg (41092 bytes)

99 7231-6 of the HSB on the way from Stiege to Hasselfelde on Friday, January 5th 1996

Photo and scan by Bert Grund (

HSB997231WernigW1.jpg (139438 bytes)

HSB - Harzer Schmalspurbahnen GmbH
Steam engine 99 7231 with "Brockenbahn" train arriving at Wernigerode Westerntor station.

Picture taken on 1998-07-17 in Wernigerode.

Photo and scan: Michael Kaben, 24214 Schinkel, Germany

break09.jpg (142833 bytes)

99 7231 with broken bars in Niedersachswerfen Ost. The personal removed the damaged parts and and brought the train with this loco above the Harz to Wernigerode. One reason for all the breaking bars was the kind of the bar on this picture. The second was a bad overhauling in Goerlitz of the frame and its insufficent construction for the forces and the long use. Have a look above the first wheel. There you can see a bare part of the frame where it was hit often by the wheel. If you are going to visit the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen you have to look at this area.

Photo and scan by

harz_1.jpg (53459 bytes)

HSB 99 7231-6 has only 500m left of his way from Wernigerode to Drei Annen Hohne at this nice Thursday afternoon. Jan. 23. 1997

Photo taken by Bert Grund <>

hsb_eisf.jpg (75684 bytes)

Train crossing in Eisfelder Talmühle. While steam locomotive 99 7231-6 takes water for the remainder of its trip from Wernigerode to Nordhausen, a diesel motor car on its way from Nordhausen to Hasselfelde enters the station. 09/02/1997.

Photo and scan by Marco van Uden <>

nice03.jpg (66639 bytes)

Two 99 7231 an 99 7243 are leaving Wernigerode with a passenger train in october 84.

Photo and scan by

nice06.jpg (147464 bytes)

99 7231 between Drei-Annen-Hohne and Schierke (febuary 92).

Photo and scan by

stiege.jpg (53586 bytes)

99 7231-6 heading for Hasselfelde in October '94, just leaving Stiege (Harz Mountains).

Photo by Bert Grund <>