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OSB railcar.
An unidentified VT509 series Regioshuttle belonging to Ortenau S-Bahn arrives at Offenburg with train OSB82820 (13:12 to Bad Griesbach) on Friday April 23rd, 2004. 

Photo by Michael Taylor, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. (


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Two air-conditioned RegioShuttles of Ortenau-S-Bahn in Offenburg.

Photo: tobias b köhler

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OSB Regioshuttle

OSB Regioshuttle on the way from Freudenstadt (Black Forest) to Offenburg (29.01.2005)

Digital photo: Reinhard Reiss ( Homepage:

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8 September 2002, Offenburg, Germany
Regioshuttle der Ortenau-S-Bahn im Bahnhof Offenburg.

Digital photo by Klaus Föhl (

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OSB - Germany
The Regioshuttle of the Ortenau S-Bahn has reached the other end of the Harmersbachtalbahn at Biberach(Baden)
Biberach, 25/02/2001

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

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Ortenau-S-Bahn bei Gengenbach auf der Schwarzwaldbahn. 14.9.03

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