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2010-01-04-0056.jpg (50490 bytes)

Vogtlandbahn Sokolov-Zwickau at Schöneck
Martin P.

2010-01-04-0059.jpg (66090 bytes)

Vogtlandbahn from Zwotental at Adorf
Martin P.

picture-0020.jpg (87932 bytes)

Vogtlandbahn local train Hof - Plauen (left) is arriving at Schönberg(Vogtl). On the right you can see the local train to Schleiz West.


Martin P.

rail69.jpg (59216 bytes)

RegioSprinter from Vogtlandbahn, Zwickau Hbf , 27-09-1997

Photo and scan by Lars Blaauw (

rbgvtbb.jpg (63856 bytes)

Regiosprinter of the Vogtlandbahn (operated by the Regentalbahn) in the station of Bad Brambach on 8 June 1997. As long as the lines where these Regiosprinters are meant for are not upgraded for 80km/h, they will operate on Plauen-Bad Brambach on behalf of the DBAG.

Photo and scan by Marco van Uden <>

rbgvtbb2.jpg (72038 bytes)

A Regiosprinter of the Vogtlandbahn (Regentalbahn) leaves Bad Brambach on its way to Plauen on 9 June 1997.

Photo and scan by Marco van Uden <>

vlb_kt.jpg (73780 bytes)

Regiosprinter of the Vogtlandbahn arrives in deep snow in Klingenthal. The station is largely oversized and only one of the tracks is used (yes, there are more under the snow). 8 February 1999.

Photo and scan by Marco van Uden <>

Zwotental_VBG.jpg (158260 bytes)

Vogtlandbahn RegioSprinter, Zwotental
Unknown RegioSprinter passing the Zwotental interlocking tower towards South. This area is a popular recreation destination, so also on this beautiful autumn Sunday 14 October 2001.

Photo: Steffen Mokosch (