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1135-Bwaltstadt.jpg (162514 bytes)

KPEV steam locomotive class S 10 #1135, Dresden Altstadt depot
Historic Prussian steam locomotive 1135 exhibited at the Dresden Altstadt depot during the traditional steam festival on Sunday 18 May 2003. Built by Henschel in 1913. Numbering Posen 1107 until 1925 and 17 1055 between 1925 and 1961. It was partially restored to its original state and belongs to the Dresden Transport Museum since 1970. Seen together with a historic express train car.

Photo: Steffen Mokosch (

S10_1135.jpg (33082 bytes)

KPEV S10 1135 with old express train. Steam festival, Bw Dresden-Altstadt, May 1996.

Photo by Tobias B. Köhler (

S10_1135_dlf01.jpg (81524 bytes)

Dampflokfest 2001, Dresden-Altstadt, 2001-04-28

Steam locomotive KPEV S10 Osten 1135 with an express train car (compartments with side corridor) and an old-style compartment car with many doors.

Photo: tobias b köhler

S10_1135dlf2000.jpg (82877 bytes)

KPEV express locomotive S10 "1135 Osten" with a compartment car.

Dampflokfest Dresden, 30 April 2000

Digital photo: tobias b köhler

destm17.jpg (43801 bytes)

Photo d'un type de locomotive allemande peu
ou pas present dans la gallerie d'images (07-06-98).

Historic photo (author unknown).
German steam loco (type 17).
This type is rarely showed (if present) in the
european railway picture gallery.
07-06-1998 Search and scan by Paul ROBERT (Belgium) { }