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50_3616-5_2.jpg (156698 bytes)

ehemals Deutsche Reichsbahn - Dampflokomotive Baureihe 50

Lok Nummer 50 3615-5 am 26.7.2004 abfahrbereit im Bahnhof von Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg zur Bergfahrt "Schiefe Ebene".

Photo: Reiner Hofmann (

Plandampf_Aue_-_Antonsthal_50_3616_23_2.jpg (157875 bytes)

Plandampf Aue – Antonsthal. In a colour picture that looks more like a black and white shot, 2-10-0 50 3616 departs from a snow covered Antonsthal with a local passenger train for Johanngeorgenstadt. 23 February 1992.

Photo and scan by Roger Griffiths;

Plandampf_Aue_-_Aue_50_3616_23_2.jpg (159024 bytes)

Plandampf Aue – The sky is heavy with threatening snowfall as 2-10-0 50 3616 approaches Aue with an early morning stopping train from Zwickau, 23 February 1992.

Photo and scan by Roger Griffiths;

Plandampf_Aue_-_Lauter_50_3616_+_58_3047_24_2.jpg (157021 bytes)

As 58 3047 roars away from Lauter towards Schwarzenberg, she passes 2-10-0 50 3616 running tender-first with its’ 2-coach stopping train from Schwarzenberg to Aue. 24 February 1992.

Photo and scan Roger Griffiths;