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EX DRG 50 3696 ist Eigentum der CFV3V ins Süden Belgiens.Am 26 September 2009 fahrt sie mit Sonderzug nach Treignes aus Mariembourg aus.

Photo by Leon Schrijvers

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Former east German 50 3696 is now in Belgium with museum railway CFV3V (Chemin du Fer Vapeur de 3 Vallees) and readies itself on 26 September 2009 for departure in Mariembourg for the very scenic line to Treignes. CFV3V have their work shop and depot in Mariembourg (which connects to the SNCB-network) and their museum in Treignes. Scanned photo by Leon Schrijvers

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Plandampf Aue – Antonsthal. The snow was gently disappearing under warm sunshine on 24 February 1992, as 50 3696 passed Antonsthal station with a non-stop passenger train for Johanngeorgenstadt.

Photo and scan by Roger Griffiths;