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Steam locomotive 85 007, only survivor of its class (not in working condition), under a specially built roof in Bw Freiburg (Breisgau). This tank locomotive was derived from class 44 for a number of short, steep lines in Germany. On the Höllentalbahn (Freiburg - Neustadt (Schwarzwald)) it replaced the old cogwheel locomotives and was in operation until the experimental 50 Hz overhead wires were changed to the standard system and class E44W (145) was introduced. Bw Freiburg (Breisgau), 2003-12-29.

tobias b köhler

DB_85_007_pic1.jpg (97653 bytes)

85 007 unter ihren Unterstand neben dem BW Freiburg, im Mai '97.

Photo und Scan von Gideon Grimmel (

destm85.jpg (57150 bytes)

Photo d'un type de locomotive allemande peu
ou pas present dans la gallerie d'images (07-06-98).

Historic photo (author unknown).
German steam loco (type 85).
This type is rarely showed (if present) in the
european railway picture gallery.
07-06-1998 Search and scan by Paul ROBERT (Belgium) { }