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DD226001.jpg (145011 bytes)

Tatra T6A2 tram at Dresden Postplatz 07.07.1996 (prototype of T6A2)

Photo: Michael Lange

DVB_T6.jpg (102265 bytes)

Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe CKD T6A2, casting a long shadow
Fritz-Löffler-Str. (H Reichenbachstr.), October 1998
Only four power cars and two trailers of this type were delivered to the DVB in the eighties. One train runs as "Stadtrundfahrt" (sightseeing tour), painted white/yellow, the other one in the picture is still in the original beige/orange colours.

Photo: tobias b köhler

Dresden_2260012_sightseeing_Wallstrasse.jpg (145549 bytes)

Sight-seeing tram 226 001-2 (type T6A2D) in Wallstrasse.

Photographer: Akos Varga ( Date: 29.05.2010. More at:

SRF_Dre.jpg (109652 bytes)

Sightseeing tram (Stadtrundfahrt) type CKD T6 in Dresden, Postplatz, September 1997. The `Zwinger' can be seen in background.

Photo: Tobias Köhler, scan: Bernard Landgraf.

T6srf_dl01.jpg (86331 bytes)

In the 1980s, many cities ordered T6A2 trams from CKD, the successor of the widespread T4D type. Dresden had only four power cars and two trailers, then decided to order low-floor trams instead. One three-car train remained in its original colours, the other was rebuilt for sightseeing tours (with tinted windows and a sound system), but all are out of service since 2000. This car of the sightseeing train was preserved and received a different inscription, advertising for the tram museum (the others are for sale). 2001-05-12.

Photo: tobias b köhler

T6srf_dl01p.jpg (87665 bytes)

DVB T6A2 "Stadtrundfahrt", now a museum vehicle, on the way from Altmarkt to Gorbitz. 2001-05-12.

Photo: tobias b köhler