HTML 2.0 entity codes

The entries in this list show the additional ISO Latin-1 character entity codes according to the HTML 2.0 definition. Each entry shows, separated by dashes:
  1. the entity in question as an ISO 8859-1 8-bit character, or, more precisely, how the browser you're just using displays the 8-bit character in question;
  2. the entity in question, represented in the HTML source of this page by its entity code (i.e. here you see what your browser displays for the corresponding entity code - this should look the same as what appears in the first column);
  3. the corresponding entity code (i.e. here you see what to enter in the HTML source to produce the character from the second column in the output if you can't or don't want to use 8-bit characters);
  4. a description of the respective entity.
Numeric and Special Graphic Entities
Note: If you don't see an entry for the "less than" sign (&lt;) below, this means that your browser treats everything between a "<" and the next ">" as a tag and doesn't display it, even if it is an unknown tag and is "broken across lines".
ISO-Latin-1 Character Entities

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