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RENFE_Mare-Nostrum_a13.jpg (39549 bytes)

Talgo 460 "Mare Nostrum" (Cartagena-Cerbère), seen leaving Tarragona.

On that day, a newly-delivered Class 252 was on duty.

Tarragona. June 1994.

Photo by Juan Coma González (, from

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TalgoPendular.jpg (95934 bytes)

RENFE Talgo Pendular train in original colours at Madrid Chamartin station.

Photo by Julio Castillo Jr. (

Talgo_gangway.jpg (64546 bytes)

Gangway between two coupled Talgo Pendular night trainsets (Trenhotel) at Barcelona in 1991. Coupling two Talgos like this makes it possible to split up the train somewhere on the line and go to two different destinations.

Photo: tobias b köhler

rr_tp_vigo_01.jpg (63249 bytes)

Renfe class 269 at Vigo station with the Madrid - Vigo Talgo Pendular.

Photo by Richard Ralf (

rr_tp_vigo_02.jpg (64673 bytes)

The Madrid - Vigo Talgo Pendular at Vigo station.

Photo by Richard Ralf (

RENFE_Talgo_refuerzo_1.jpg (108416 bytes)

Until 2000, "refuerzos" (i.e. extra cars) with conventional rolling-stock were common use on daytime Talgo services of RENFE.

This is the Alicante-Madrid-Vigo/A Coruña Talgo, seen in the Christmas peak (1998/1999), leaving Alacant-Terminal (ex Alicant-Término), with 5 extra Class 10000 cars, located between the loco and the regular Talgo sets.

Alacant-Terminal. 09th January 1999.

Photo by Manuel Peña ( (Acknowledgementsfrom

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AVE-100_001_Puertollano_1.jpg (64255 bytes)

Left: 100.001, awaiting departure on a Puertollano-Madrid service ("Lanzadera").

Right: Talgo 200 Malaga-Madrid, calling at Puertollano, too. While this Talgo 6 set was vested in AVE-RENFE, it was still in "Talgo Pendular" livery...


08th August 1994.

Photo by Arturo Vega Roldán (

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