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RENFE: 250

Locomotora eléctrica 250-009 en Barcelona Casa Antúnez. (febrero-1984).

Foto & scan: José Francisco Pujazón Rueda (

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en RENFE Electric Locomotive 250 025 in VIGO Station - fr RENFE Locomotive Eléctrique 250 025 en Gare de VIGO - ca RENFE Locomotora Eléctrica 250 025 en la Estación de VIGO - de RENFE Elektrische Lokomotiven der 250 025 auf der Bahnhof VIGO - it RENFE Locomotiva Elettrica 250 025 nella Stazione di VIGO - pt RENFE Locomotiva Eléctrica 250 025 na Estação de VIGO - 1993.09.19

Photo and copyright by LUISFER Estudos e Realizações Ferroviárias


    RENFE_250-003.jpg (133062 bytes)

    RENFE 250-003, Vilanova, august 1998

    Photo: marnix heijnemans

    RENFE_Mare-Nostrum_5.jpg (61338 bytes)

    Talgo 463 "Mare Nostrum" (Portbou-Murcia), seen at San Vincenç de Calders.

    While Talgo III stock was still diagrammed on this train, newly-built Class 250s were already ousting Class 269s to some extend.

    San Vincenç de Calders. June 1988.

    Photo by Juanma ( (Acknowledgements), from

    Posting and comment by P.L.Guillemin (

    RENFE_Mare-Nostrum_a10.jpg (62428 bytes)

    Talgo 463 "Mare Nostrum" (Portbou-Cartagena), seen at Salou, in its very first weeks of operation as a Talgo 4 service, hauled with Loco 250 009.

    Salou. Summer 1993.

    Photo by Ricard Ricón Serra (, from

    Posting and comment by P.L.Guillemin (

    RENFE_Mare-Nostrum_a14.jpg (61498 bytes)

    Talgo 460 "Mare Nostrum" (Cartagena-Cerbère), seen upon reversal in Valencia.

    This service was still fitted with Talgo 4 cars in "Talgo Pendular" livery.

    On that day, Loco 250 014 was on duty on Valencia-Cerbère, but Class 252s were already predominant on that service.

    Valencia. August 1994.

    Photo by Vicente Miralles (, from

    Posting and comment by P.L.Guillemin (

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    Probably type 250 C'C'
    Loc 250-023-9, arriving in Torredembara, coming from Tarragona (august 1984)

    Photo and scan by Stefan Nicolai (,
    Renfe page at

    rn250-1.jpg (154760 bytes)

    The electric locomotive class 250 pulling a containers train at Calafel station. This powerful locomotive is used in heavy freight trains and has a top speed of 160 km/h. This photo was taken on July the 2nd 1996.

    Photo and scan by Julio Castillo: E-mail: