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00_caf103_me.jpg (101607 bytes)

CAF 103 "Velaro" bei Mejorada del Campo - CAF 103 "Velaro" near Mejorada del Campo

Photo: Uwe Schreiber (

103_Velaro.jpg (156853 bytes)

Serie 103 Velaro dirección Puertollano en la línea Madrid - Sevilla. 103 Velaro towards Puertollano in the High Speed Line Madrid - Sevilla Ciudad Real. 14/06/2006

Photo by Alejandro Martín de la Sierra (

AGP_RENFE_103022_BarcelonaSants_290208_rf.jpg (156522 bytes)

A 103 series trainset is parked on Barcelona Sants 6th track, waiting for a new AVE service to Madrid. This photo was taken 9 days after the HSL open, but the trains were very dirty...

Photo by Aaron Gil (, 29/02/2008

AVE-103_103_501_1.jpg (37666 bytes)

AVE-103 (103.001) set of RENFE-AVE.

This is the Turista-class car with facilities for disabled persons (103.500), manufactured by the RENFE-MIT Workshops in Valladolid in Summer 2004 (along with Cafeteria-car 103.401), just before Siemens broke off with Alstom-CAF.

This car will be reformed with others, which are reportedly to be manufactured in Valladolid, too, by a joint subsidiary of RENFE and Siemens.

It will most probably have been the only opportunity to spot AVE-103 stock in AVE livery, as the whole fleet of RENFE is to get a new livery, in line with the corporate identity adopted in late-2004...



Photo by Mario Rodríguez Ruiz (

Posting and comment by P.L.Guillemin (

RENFE103.jpg (146345 bytes)

Serie 103 en Zaragoza...

RENFE_103005_Toledo.jpg (150474 bytes)

RENFE - Spain
High-speed trainset 103-005 - related to the ICE3 from Germany - is seen at Toledo. Only standard gauge high-speed trainsets can nowadays reach Toledo, travel time to Madrid Atocha is about half an hour only!
Toledo, 19-05-2015

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

RN103-007Tar1008.jpg (137520 bytes)

Renfe 103-007. Tarragona-Camp, 10/08/2007.

Photo Jean-Pierre Vergez-Larrouy (

Renfe_103_Arboc_1.jpg (148609 bytes)

S-103 set of Renfe-LD, seen on AVE 3143 (Madrid-Puerta de Atocha ---> Barcelona-Sants, calling at Zaragoza-Delicias only).


3rd June 2009.

P.L. Guillemin (

Renfe_103_Arboc_2.jpg (151549 bytes)

S-103 set of Renfe-LD, seen on AVE 3160 (Barcelona-Sants ---> Madrid-Puerta de Atocha, nonstop).


3rd June 2009.

P.L. Guillemin (

Renfe_103_Castellbisbal_1.jpg (152578 bytes)

S-103 set of Renfe-LD, seen on AVE 3271 (Madrid-Puerta de Atocha ---> Barcelona-Sants, nonstop).


4th June 2009.

P.L. Guillemin (

Renfe_103_Castellbisbal_2.jpg (151617 bytes)

S-103 set of Renfe-LD, seen AVE 3090 (Barcelona-Sants ---> Madrid-Puerta de Atocha, nonstop).


4th June 2009.

P.L. Guillemin (

VELARO_Bordeta24dec07.jpg (153199 bytes)

AVE serie 103 "Velaro" en La Bordeta (Lleida). 24/12/2007

Photo Christian Fincato (

ave103-19.jpg (138884 bytes)

03/01/2015 AVE S-103 19trainset at Figueres Vilafant.

Photo by Y.Komatsu (

ave103-24.jpg (134803 bytes)

03/01/2015 16H55 AVE S-103 24trainset at Figueres Vilafant. This is AVE3182/AVANT34182 for Madrid from Figueres Vilafant via Barcelona

Photo by Y.Komatsu (