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Rame Est poussée par la BB 66191 le 3 mai 1976 à Gargan.

Photo Jean-Paul Lescat

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Train spécial composé de matériel historique en gare de Lourdes : Voiture EST (23/05/2006) Photo christian Fincato (

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Double-deck car B4C5x 20076 EST "Système Vidard" in the museum Mulhouse. December 2016.

Photo by M.Koblischka

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Double-deck car B4C5x 20076 Est "système Vidard". Four second class compartments with separate entrance doors in the lower floor and a central corridor third class room in the upper floor - not as spacious, but better view - with access from the ends. No gangway to the next car. Built 1883 by the Romilly works, similar cars were built until 1925 and remained in service until 1946 in suburban trains east of Paris. Length 9.5 m, weight 14.5 t, capacity 32 seats in lower deck and 40 seats in upper deck. Restored in Romilly 1968.

Mulhouse, Cité du Train, 2006-06-02

tobias b köhler

PR2_Mulh01.jpg (133357 bytes)

Presidential coach PR2. Originally built by Carel et Fouché in 1924 as third class coach C11 for the Est railway, entirely rebuilt in 1954, this carriage was subject to major modifications by the Villeneuve-Voitures workshops to improve safety and comfort. Material improvements included armour plating, soundproofing and air conditioning. The decor and furnishings of the interior - which includes a platform, a VIL lounge and the president's office and bedroom - were created by the interior designer Leleu. After it was commissioned in 1954, the PR2 was frequently used by the presidents of the Fourth Republic and after 1958 by Général Charles de Gaulle. After his death in 1970, it was not much used, and retired in 1983.

Length 22.2 m, weight 56.5 t.

Mulhouse, Cité du Train, 2006-06-02

tobias b köhler

SNCF_C6_19857_Est_Thionville.jpg (64119 bytes)

sncf Ex est ex Dr C6 19857 THIONVILLE juin 1949

Photo Jacques WILLIGENS (

SNCF_C6_Est_Thionville_juiillet_1951COMP.jpg (54172 bytes)

SNCF C6 ex EST ex DR THIONVILLE juillt 1951

Photo Jacques WILLIGENS (

SNCF_C8_et_demi_yfi_11234_Paris_Est_juin_1949.jpg (104235 bytes)

SNCF C8 1/2 yfi 11234 ex EST ex DR Gare de PARIS EST JUIN 1949

Photo Jacques WILLIGENS (