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AJEC_200.jpg (153649 bytes)

This coach was on 19 september 2011 part of the special train from Association 141 R 420, that spent the weekend of 17-18 September 2011 at AJECTA Longueville Scanned photo by Leon Schrijvers

Ctmyf_17555_Gare_du_Nord_juin_1949_comp.jpg (68072 bytes)

SNCF Ctmyf 17555 (région Nord), ex DR C4i-36. Paris Gare du Nord juin 1949

Photo Jacques WILLIGENS (

DSCN06160.jpg (142116 bytes)

Voitures DEV en gare de Lourdes (Mars 2007)

Photo Christian Fincato (

FrSncf141R840Austerlitz4.jpg (91988 bytes)

The 141R840 was present in Austerlitz station for a film turning . June 02, 2004

Photo Théophile Alary <>

Napoleon_III.jpg (79884 bytes)

Salonwagen von Napoleon III im Museum Mulhouse. ca. 1980.

Photo and scan by M. Koblischka (

Napoleon_III_1.jpg (160398 bytes)

Salonwagen von Napoleon III im Museum Mulhouse. Dezember 2016.

Photo by M.Koblischka

SNCF_C10_MYFI_11979.jpg (76614 bytes)

SNCF C10 Myfi 11979 (ex FS) prise de guerre 1945 Paris, gare de l’Est juin 1949

Photo Jacques WILLIGENS (

SNCF_C4DPy_11554_Austerlitz_juin_1949_comp.jpg (86391 bytes)

sncf ex PO, ex DR C4DPy 11554, Paris Austerlitz juin 1949

Photo Jacques WILLIGENS (

SNCF_SCC_1.jpg (87504 bytes)

Cinema-car (SCC) of SNCF.

It dates back to the early-70s, using a carbody similar to that of WL-MU.

This car has mostly run on a Charter basis. Yet, it would run on a daily basis on the defunct "Puerta del Sol" (Paris-Madrid), on Paris-Hendaye (evening), in the early/mid-70s...

Chambéry-Challes les Eaux.

24th April 2005.

Photo by Bernard Vieu (Acknowledgements).

Posting and Comment by P.L.Guillemin (

Voiture_Grill_Express_ex_WR_2878_Paris_EST_1977_ou_78_001.jpg (77268 bytes)

SNCF - Former CIWL dining car no 2878, transformed by the SNCF into one of the first Grill Express cars in France - Paris Est - 1977 or 1978

Photo by Joel TASMA (

boitton.jpg (67479 bytes)

SNCF/cars/ These cars, called "thunder boxes" are seen there with a special train about 1975 on the Western great belt line of Paris, hauled by 230 G 353, at Fourqueux.

Photo and scan Patrick Meunier