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1812regionord.jpg (124521 bytes)

French regional stock for Nord Pas de Calais region waiting for a next service, near Lille Flandres.18/12/02
Here, you have RIO (rame inox omnibus) and VR2N (voiture régionale à 2 niveaux) coaches. Both are pushed/pulled by BB16500 or BB67000 locomotives.

Photo by Bastien Nonque (

DK_IDIOT_klein.jpg (152610 bytes)

Commutertrain ‘Idiot’ arriving at Dunkirque station, France, August 23, 2009.

Photo by Koen van Domburg (

SNCF20021122_VR2N.jpg (120215 bytes)

SNCF, Lille, France.
A VR2N (bilevel regional coaches) driving trailer waiting to depart from Lille Flandres on a rainy afternoon...

Photo taken by Bastien Nonque ( on 22/11/02

VR2N+23530.jpg (122918 bytes)

2 types of French "Nord - Pas de Calais" regional stock, in Lille Flandres - 12/06/03 On the left hand, Voiture Régionale 2 Niveaux, pushed by BB16507 On the right hand, EMU z23530.

Photo by Bastien Nonque

VR2N.jpg (202985 bytes)

Voiture Regionale 2 niveaux - driving trailer.
Nord Pas de Calais a few "personal" colours.
Unit seen at Gare Lille Flandres, France.

Photo by Bastien Nonque (

VR2NSTA.jpg (98270 bytes)

SNCF double-deck car VR2N on a regional service in Nord - Pas de Calais region passing through the Saint André station (Nord)

Photo 26/06/2007 by Bastien Nonque -

VR2Ncab.jpg (170120 bytes)

Cabview of a Voiture Regionale 2 Niveaux Nord pas de Calais driving trailer.

Photo taken in Lille, Gare Lille Flandres, France 08/06/2002 by Bastien Nonque (

douai2002_1.jpg (115317 bytes)

2 August 2002, Douai, France
Driving bilevel coach with some individual livery.

Digital photo by Klaus Föhl (

douai2002_3.jpg (108002 bytes)

2 August 2002, Douai, France
Bilevel coach of a regional train.

Digital photo by Klaus Föhl (

douai2002_6.jpg (94053 bytes)

2 August 2002, Douai, France
Detail of a bilevel coach.

Digital photo by Klaus Föhl (

lille2002_3.jpg (120692 bytes)

2 August 2002, Lille Flandres, France
Voiture deux niveaux dans un train assurant un service TER.

Double deck coach in a TER or regional express train..

Digital photo by Klaus Föhl (

svb4_img0010.jpg (124598 bytes)

Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français
10/07/98 Valenciennes TER doubledeck in livery TER-Nord Pas de Calais waiting for next service.

Photo taken by Steven Van Bauwel
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vr2n.jpg (87356 bytes)

Regional coach type VR2N ("Voiture Régionale à 2 Niveaux")
These coaches were built for regional services in the region Nord-Pas-de-Calais (arround Lille). They are pulled and pushed by electric locomotives class 16500 (25000 V AC).
Lille Flandres, on septembre 19th, 1998.

Photo and scan by Benoît Géhant -

vr2nlf.jpg (102378 bytes)

SNCF, Lille, Flandres.
A regional train composed of VR 2 N pushed by a BB 16500 is entering Lille Flandres station.
The loco is probably BB 16557 : it is one of the very few 16500 to keep the old (and beautiful) green livery

Photo 13/11/02 by Bastien Nonque,