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20030513_Culmont_Chalindrey_062.jpg (136256 bytes)

SNCF (French Railways)
Culmont Chalindrey,  13.5.2003

Photo: Darko Pahic Szabo - more photos on

BB690000-4-1965ROISSY-800L-150.jpg (149222 bytes)

SNCF Prototype BB 69001 is passing Roissy en Brie - April 1965

Photo JP HAMEAU prepared by Patrick Meunier

CdT_1.jpg (138758 bytes)

In 1916, during the First World war, the French army sed this loco for logistic duties. Nowadays it is preserved in the beautiful French Railway Museum CITE DU TRAIN in Mulhouse. Locotracteur built by Crochat, with gasoline engine and military armour. 138 units were built around 1916, so it's one of the first series-built internal combustion locomotives. Scanned photo by Leon Schrijvers

Locotracteur_Crochat_1.jpg (139248 bytes)

Army locotracteur built 1916 by Crochat with gasoline engine in the museum Mulhouse. December 2016.

Photo by M.Koblischka

PLM_4_CMD_1.jpg (107531 bytes)

PLM 4 CMD 1. Official picture by Schneider-Westinghouse.

Collection Jean-Pierre Vergez-Larrouy (

syp5.jpg (101166 bytes)

Another picture of the diesel locomotive at st Symphorien (des Landes )France. July 1995.

Photo and scan

syp6.jpg (109661 bytes)

Just rusting away diesel locomotive and Rongen car at St Symphorien (des landes ) France

Photo and scan