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SNCF, electric locomotive class BB 16000
Current system : 25 kV~ 50 Hz

Unit BB 16041 (La Chapelle depot) at a PN near Airion (Oise) on February 8th 1998.
The locomotive is heading the train 2023/2 Paris - Amiens.

Photo : Pa. Matuch (
Scan : Ph. Matuch (

16000_Viaduc-de-Poix-1024-159-a.jpg (161968 bytes)

SNCF AC BB 16000 Unidentified Beton color scheme - A diverted train Le Havre -Paris is passing the viaduct of Poix (Somme) November 2003.

Photo Patrick Meunier

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SNCF, electric locomotive class BB 16000
Current system : 25 kV~ 50 Hz
A Longueau Grandes Lignes train hauled by a BB 16000 class near Clermont-de-l'Oise, February 1998.

Photo : Pa. Matuch
Scan : Ph. Matuch (

16pantx2.jpg (135362 bytes)

Sncf BB 16000 is passing Peugeot factories, at Poissy, on the way to Rouen Due to frozen catenaries, both pantographs are used. Such a configuration is exceptionnal under 25 Kv Ac. This reversible trainset is here pulled whereas it should be pushed, but conditions of pushing don't look satisfied, because of engine or trainset failures, or frozen connections. January 2002

Photo and scan Patrick Meunier

20030717_Thionville_056.jpg (109337 bytes)

SNCF (French Railways)
Thionville,  17.7.2003

Photo: Darko Pahic Szabo - more photos on

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27 July 1993, station: Paris Gare du Nord, France
Construction works at Paris Nord in preparation for TGV-Nord and Eurostar services. Behind, SNCF electric locomotive (BB-)16056 with a Corail train and diesel-electric shunter 64072

Photo by Sven Manias (