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16535pow.jpg (144766 bytes)

Sncf Ac electric 416535 is passing Poissy. Tue 7th Jan 2003

Photo and scan Patrick Meunier

416654pz.jpg (132114 bytes)

Sncf Ac Electric 4-16654 seen at Poissy. February 2002 . Six pieces from more than 280 in this type, has been repainted with Freight Dept colors.

Photo and scan Patrick Meunier

SNCF416615.jpg (110719 bytes)

Fret liveried Class 16 seen at Nancyville Easter 2004.

Copyright belongs to Andrew Ducker who can be contacted at, photographs taken on Canon EOS10D.

SNCF_416615.jpg (123390 bytes)

SNCF 416615. Le Bourget (93), 17/04/2003.

Photo Jean-Pierre Vergez-Larrouy (