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9001-800-150.jpg (145987 bytes)

Sncf BB 9001 and 141 R in the background - Moret 1969

Photo JP HAMEAU prepared by Patrick Meunier

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Sncf BB 9001 - Moret 1969

Photo JP HAMEAU prepared by Patrick Meunier

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SNCF BB 9004 plates. Morcenx (40), 28/03/2005.

Photo Jean-Pierre Vergez-Larrouy (

BB9004_Mulh01.jpg (155525 bytes)

SNCF BB 9004, built 1954 as one of four prototype 4-axle DC locomotives - the 9001 and 9002 were built by SLM/BBC, the 9003 and 9004 by MTE (Jeumont, Schneider, SW). It was the first application of Jacquemin cardan transmission. The body was designed by Paul Arzens. In 1955, it was one of the locomotives used for high speed tests between Lamothe and Morcenx, where it reached the world record speed of 331 km/h - even though this badly deformed the track, and the pantographs melted away quickly at that speed with high DC amperages. The BB 9003 and 9004 were then used for express trains to Le Mans and in the south of France, until they were both retired 1972. These locomotives were not ordered in series, but the 9200, 9300 and 16000 were directly derived from them. The locomotive shown is actually a combination of the bogies and number signs of the 9004 with the body of the 9003.

Mulhouse, Cité du Train, 2006-06-02

tobias b köhler

BB_9004-0.jpg (97696 bytes)

Citč du Train - locomotiva elettrica BB 9004 detentrice, assieme alla CC 7107 del record di velocitŕ di 331 km/h stabilito il 29/3/1955. Mulhouse 6/12/2009.

Photo: Massimo Mazza e-mail:

BB_9004-1.jpg (112040 bytes)

SNCF BB 9004. Morcenx (40), 28/03/2005.

Photo Jean-Pierre Vergez-Larrouy (

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SNCF BB 9004. Morcenx (40), 28/03/2005.

Photo Jean-Pierre Vergez-Larrouy (

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SNCF BB 9004 in world record exhibition. Morcenx (40), 28/03/2005.

Photo Jean-Pierre Vergez-Larrouy (

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SNCF engine BB-9004 at Kinding station. It was exhibited here during the worldrecord runs of ÖBB 1216 050. 2nd September 2006.

Photo und Scan: Gideon Grimmel

SNCF9004.jpg (51080 bytes)

On a railway exhibition near Strasbourg, in 1993, we see the SNCF BB 9004 (which reached 331 km/h in 1955, quite a spectacular world record) together with two locomotives of today, a SBB CFF FFS Re 460 and a SNCF BB 26000 SYBIC. Today the BB 9004 belongs to the railway museum of Mulhouse.

Photo and scan: Tobias B. Köhler (

bb9001Juvisy021963-800L-150.jpg (155681 bytes)

SNCF Prototype BB 9001 is halting in the sorting yard of Juvisy in February 1963 Though its quality is rather low, this image is worth being shown

Photo JP HAMEAU prepared by Patrick Meunier

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Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français (SNCF)
Electric locomotive BB9004

This is an experimental locomotive that reached the world record of 331 km/h in 1955 south of Bordeaux. It is preserved in the train museum in Mulhouse, here it is exhibited in Hausbergen.

Photo: Tobias B. Köhler (
Scan: Juergen Gittinger (