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SNCF_20003_1.jpg (97562 bytes)

50Hz-AC (dual-voltage) prototype BB-20003 of SNCF.

Actually a former Class 16500 (BB-16540), rebuilt with 1.5 + 25kV in 1959.
It then ran around Annecy, along with other, older prototypes and Class 25000.
Re-instated to BB-16540 in 1969.


July 1963.

Photo by Michel Lavertu (Acknowledgements)

Posting and comment by P.L.Guillemin (

SNCF_20011_1.jpg (45869 bytes)

BB-20011 prototype.

Ordered as BB-22379, yet delivered in 1984 with synchronous motors, as a prototype for Class 26000.

BB-22380 also experienced the same fate, as BB-20012.

In the late-80s, both were stabled, pending re-instatement to BB-22379 and 380, which only came in 1995/1996.
In the meantime, both had indeed been rebuilt to TTU, for freighters through Channel Tunnel (Fréthun-Dollands Moor), as deliveries for Class 92/92000 ran behind schedule.

14th April 1989.


Photo by Bernard Vieu (Acknowledgements)

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SNCF_CC_20002.jpg (145637 bytes)

SNCF CC 6052, later renumbered as CC 20002.

Collection Jean-Pierre Vergez-Larrouy (

f_e20001.jpg (88225 bytes)

SNCF CC 20001 La Grand'Mère ! La 1ère motrice 50Hz de série et bicourant de surcroit !


f_e20003.jpg (88131 bytes)

SNCF BBB 20003 Prototype monophasé 1950 (Hte-Savoie). Dépot d'Annemasse dans les années '60.

(Ph. Matyus)

img0441.jpg (64783 bytes)

CC 20001 with train 8766.
La Roche sur Foron, February 17, 1980.

Photo Jean-Paul Lescat (