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21001-4500-9400-800.jpg (159166 bytes)

Sncf CC 21001 was delivered in 1969. It is seen here in the station of Moret, heading to Paris. It carries its delivery colour scheme , with red side numbers, and orange colour above the red one on the front face. This dual-electric engine had three sisters 21002 to 21004. Their most famous duty was the hauling of Trans Europ Express Cisalpin, from Paris to Vallorbe. But they hauled slow passengers trains too, such as this 5072 Dijon-Paris

Photo JP HAMEAU prepared by Patrick Meunier

21004-MORET-1-800.jpg (155651 bytes)

Sncf CC 21004 was delivered in 1974. It is seen here about 1982 in the station of Moret, heading to Paris.

Photo JP HAMEAU prepared by Patrick Meunier

996.jpg (44140 bytes)

A French National Railway Class 21000 electric awaits a test run in the coach yard at the main Amtrak station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA). Amtrak brought the SNCF unit and a Swedish State Railway Rc4 to the U.S. to evaluate them for possible use. The company selected the Rc4 design and the contracted with locomotive builder EMD to build 47 of them under license as the AEM7. 1976

Photo by Thomas McCann (USA) (

CC21002.jpg (155846 bytes)

SNCF electric dual CC21000 series CC21002 with train 228 Geneva-Paris in Andelot (December 1980) On the left, the Z8100 prototype test train awaits clearance to proceed to Frasne on the single track line.

Photo by Jean-Francois Lutz (

CC21002VileneuvelaGuyardjuil77-800L-150.jpg (151970 bytes)

SNCF CC 21002 is halting in the stationof Villeneuve la Guyard. July 1977. Pont sur Yonne -

Photo JP HAMEAU prepared by Patrick Meunier

SNCF21002GDL.jpg (124440 bytes)

SNCF CC21002 dual electric, has just joined its train, 15 min. before leaving Paris Gare de Lyon. It will have to haul TEE CISALPIN for Vallorbe. CC 72000 in the background. The train will go on to Milano. 1976

Photo and scan Patrick Meunier

SNCF_21000_1.jpg (157425 bytes)

Class 21000 (CC-21001) of SNCF, seen on one of its most prestigious uses ever:

TEE 22 "Cisalpin" (Milano Centrale ---> Paris Gare de Lyon, via Domodossola and Vallorbe), seen under 25kV-50Hz AC OHLE, through the woodlands of the Upper Jura Plateau.


August 1982.

Photo by Michel Ledieu (Acknowledgements)

Posting and comment by P.L.Guillemin (

cc21001a.jpg (82760 bytes)

France CC21001. This machine are a dual CC6500, it could run on 1500 V as well as 25 kV, 50 Hz. The four CC21000 are today rebuild as newcomers to class CC6500. CC21001 are transformed into CC 6575. Picture from Gare de Lyon in Paris, 13/4/79.

Photo by Jan Agersten (

cc21001b.jpg (97740 bytes)

France CC21001. Here with TEE 23 Cisalpin Paris - Milano. The coaches are of the type Mistral 69, picture from Gare de Lyon in Paris, 13/4/79.

Photo by Jan Agersten (

cc21001c.jpg (93614 bytes)

France CC21001. TEE 23 Cisalpin seen from an another angle. Gare de Lyon in Paris, 13/4/79.

Photo by Jan Agersten (

departCC21002Villeneuve0777-800L-150.jpg (137379 bytes)

SNCF CC 21002 is seen here departing Villeneuve la Guyard. July 1977. Pont sur Yonne -

Photo JP HAMEAU prepared by Patrick Meunier

dia015-18.jpg (75417 bytes)

SNCF CC21003 at Montgeron, May 1975

Photo Daniel Glauberg (

x996.jpg (58940 bytes)

A French loco in American disguise

SNCF locomotive CC 21003 was shipped to the United States in 1976 for testing on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor. At the time, Amtrak was shopping for a new high speed electric locomotive and evaluated this locomotive as well as a Swedish Rc4. Due to suspension problems on 21003's 3-axle bogies, the Alsthom-built locomotive lost the bid. The Swedish Rc4 was built under license in the USA and became the familiar AEM-7 used by Amtrak today.

The X996, as CC 21003 was known in America, was shipped back to France after a year of testing, and returned to service under its original identity, alongside its three other sisters from the 21000 series. (The CC 21000 is a bivoltage version of the CC 6500, and looks almost identical)

This photo, taken in early 1977, shows X996 at Amtrak's Penn Coach Yard in Philadelphia. Behind it is a Conrail test car, and test director Edward Lombardi is waving from the cab. According to Lombardi, who is now Manager of Performance and Tests for Amtrak, the following modifications were made by Alsthom:

  • A new main transformer, for the 11kV 25Hz supply
  • Modified control systems and thyristor firing logic in order to operate under 25Hz instead of 50Hz
  • New AC motors in the cooling oil pumps and blowers
  • Amtrak pantographs (the originals didn't reach high enough)
  • American headlights, bells, couplers, pilots
  • American cab signal and speed control system
  • Amtrak livery to replace the original Arzens livery
  • English labelling and operating manual

Photo courtesy of Ed Lombardi (Amtrak);
Scan by Clem Tillier (

sncf-cc6578-cab.jpg (66111 bytes)

SNCF - 14/11/1999 at Laroche-Migennes workshop, during an exposition.
Photo of the CC 6578, in the driver's cab.
Photo taken from a video film of mine, that's why the quality is poorest than with a "normal" photo.

Adam Galkowski -