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02haub240404.jpg (118959 bytes)

SNCF automotrice Z92055 assurant un service TER se dirigeant vers Lille. Vue prise juste après le passage en gare d'Haubourdin (Nord).

Photo du 24/04/2004 par Bastien Nonque -

92056-1.jpg (110338 bytes)

SNCF Z 92056/055 in Lille, 26-10-2000.

Photo and scan by Eddy Konijnendijk.

92056-2.jpg (88179 bytes)

SNCF Z 92056/055 in Lille, 26-10-2000.

Photo and scan by Eddy Konijnendijk.

92058-1024L.jpg (160642 bytes)

SNCF Z 92057/58 (404) is passing the southern junction of Ostricourt- April 2nd 2011

Photo Patrick Meunier

ER09-FR-09.jpg (154086 bytes)

Lille Flandres station.

Photo by Emanuele Rava, 01-7-2009 e-mail

NPDC_bi_level.jpg (122022 bytes)

Two generations of regional bi level EMUs in Lille Flandres, 11 02 2003 Left is Z92058, on a Lille Lens service, right Z23552 coupled to another one z23500 unit. Both classes of stock can technically be coupled together, but I've never seen that. Both were ordered by Region Nord - Pas de Calais for regional services.

Photo by Bastien Nonque -

SNCFZ92058Dou2604.jpg (119107 bytes)

SNCF Z 92058. Douai (59), 26/04/2008.

Photo Jean-Pierre Vergez-Larrouy (

SNCF_92056.jpg (157124 bytes)

SNCF/TER Nord Pas de Calais Z 92056 attendant depart a Gare Lille Flandres, 28 Juliet 1999 Scanned

Photo by Leon Schrijvers

SNCF_Z92055_Lille.jpg (145250 bytes)

SNCF - France
The Nord-Pas-de-Calais region in northwestern france owns 5 double-deck trainsets that are similar to class Z20500 used around Paris. Trainset Z92055 has just arrived from Amiens in Lille Flandres station.
Lille, 7 August 2005

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

Z2NLille.jpg (58883 bytes)

French EMU in Nord Pas de Calais livery.
These 5 cars units are similar to the ones in the region of Paris.
Seen at Gare Lille Flandres, 3rd May 2002.

Photo by Bastien Nonque (

Z92050_panto.jpg (121701 bytes)

SNCF, Lille, France - station Lille Flandres.
Here is the detail of the roof + pantograph of EMU class Z92050 (similar to Parisians Z20500).

Photo taken 19 november 2002 by Bastien Nonque,

z92050_panto.jpg (122774 bytes)

Detail of the roof + pantograph of an SNCF EMU class z92050, seen in Lille Flandres 11-02-2003

Photo by Bastien Nonque -

z92060-doors.jpg (66664 bytes)

A little view through the doors of SNCF Z92060 bilevel EMU, stabled in Lille Flandres - 25/03/03

Photo by Bastien Nonque -

z92060-reds.jpg (89647 bytes)

Red lights of SNCF EMU z92060, in Lille Flandres, 25/03/03. Beneath the driver's window is a panel to show the destination city

Photo by Bastien Nonque -

z92060.jpg (104673 bytes)

25/03/03 French SNCF EMU Z92060, from class Z92050 is waiting to depart from Lille Flandres track 3

Photo by Bastien Nonque -

z92062.jpg (83343 bytes)

EMU Class 92050
These EMUs have been ordered by the regional authority of "Nord-Pas-de-Calais" for regional services around Lille. They are technically similar to Z 20500 (Z2N) but are different inside (more comfortable) and have this special blue-white-yellow livery.
Lille-Flandres, on septembre 199th, 1998.

Photo and scan by Benoît Géhant -