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1853-150.jpg (157100 bytes)

SNCF Cie du NORD 1853 is preserved by AJECTA society, in the shed of Longueville. 1st October 2005.

Photo Patrick Meunier

Ceinture_5003.jpg (76643 bytes)

Ceinture n 5003 (Corpet-Louvet n 1775/1930). To Nord 5.303 in 1934, renumbered SNCF 2 151 TA 3 in 1938. Scrapped in 09/1962. Bobigny (93), 4/02/1934.

Collection Jean-Pierre Vergez-Larrouy (

NORD2_670_1.jpg (95988 bytes)

NORD 2.670 im Museum Mulhouse. ca. 1980.

Photo and scan by M. Koblischka (

NORD4853.jpg (71712 bytes)

NORD 4.853 stands at AJECTA Open Days in Longueville on 19 September 2010

Photo by Leon Schrijvers

Nord3_1102_Mulh01.jpg (160352 bytes)

Nord 3.1102, a (2'C2') prototype built 1911 at the workshops of Compagnie du Nord, designed by Gaston du Bousquet. It was one of two locomotives, highly advanced for their time, and the origin of the name "Baltic" as they were intended for the Nord-Express to St. Peterburg. The intention was to pull a train of 400 to 430 t with 120 km/h. It was also one of the first to combine an overheating boiler and compound engine. Length 12.6 m (without tender), weight 113 t. Until 1920 the locomotives were used with express trains to Calais and Belgium, then moved to heavy passenger trains with frequent stops. In 1926 they were stored at Compiègne, experimentally converted to oil heating. For the World Exhibition of 1937 in Paris, it was cut up to demonstrate its interior. The tender has not been conserved.

Mulhouse, Cité du Train, 2006-06-02.

tobias b köhler

Nord3_1102_Mulh02.jpg (147237 bytes)

Nord 3.1102, seen from the "open" side allowing you a look on its guts.

Mulhouse, Cité du Train, 2006-06-02.

tobias b köhler

Nord701_Mulh01.jpg (128204 bytes)

Nord 701, built 1885 by SACM. This is the world's first compound steam locomotive, designed by Alfred de Glehn, inspired by compound ship engines. The 701 pioneered the arrangement of two inner high-pressure cylinders and two outer low-pressure cylinders. Weight 41.45 t, length 15.63 m, diameter of driving wheels 2.114 m. Originally this was an 1110 (1'Bo) and the two driving axles were not coupled, each individually driven by a pair of cylinders. This however lead to wheelslip problems and the two driving axles were coupled by side rods, then in 1892 the locomotive received a front bogie, transforming it to 220 (2'B). It is painted in the green colour used by the Nord for fast locomotives before 1900.

Mulhouse, Cité du Train, 2006-06-02

tobias b köhler

Nord_2_245.jpg (113904 bytes)

Nord 2.245 (Ateliers du Nord, La Chapelle, 1905). To SNCF 2 222 TA 15. La Plaine, 1933.

Photo L. Hermann, collection Jean-Pierre Vergez-Larrouy (

Nord_3_889.jpg (79223 bytes)

Nord 3.889 (Origin KPEV T 12 Sbr 7707, Borsig n 7206/1909). To SNCFas 2 130 TC 2. Scrapped in 01/1956. La Chapelle, 1933.

Photo L. Hermann.

Collection Jean-Pierre Vergez-Larrouy (

Nord_4_1084.jpg (74056 bytes)

Nord 4.1084 (origin KPEV G 7.2 Bromberg 4686, Schwartzkopf n 4216/1908) with a freigth train. This locomotive will be renumbered SNCF 2 040 B 83 in 1938, but will be lost in WW II. To DRB in 1945, and later to PKP. Chantilly (60), 1933.

Photo L. Hermann.

Collection Jean-Pierre Vergez-Larrouy (

Nord_5_507.jpg (92864 bytes)

Nord 5.507 (origin KPEV T 16.1 Mgd 8117, Schwartzkopf n 5785/1916). To SNCF 2 050 TB 7. Paris-Nord, PK 2, 1933.

Photo L. Hermann, collection Jean-Pierre Vergez-Larrouy (

Nord_5_554.jpg (127712 bytes)

Nord 5.554 (Origin KPEV Altona n 8014, Henschel n 6196/1902). This loco was rebuilt as a noraml 050 T by the Nord in 1931. To SNCF as 2 050 TA 4, scrapped by 1945.

Collection Jean-Pierre Vergez-Larrouy (

Nord_5_555.jpg (88957 bytes)

Nord 5.555 (origin KPEV T 15 Bsl 8009, Henschel n 6564/1904). To SNCF 2 050 TA 5. Bethune (62), 12/11/1938.

Photo L. Hermann, collection Jean-Pierre Vergez-Larrouy (

SNCF_2_150_C_86.jpg (94914 bytes)

SNCF 2 150 C 86 (ex Nord 5.094, SACM n 7225/1922, scrapped in 1955). Valenciennes (59), 07/1954.

Collection Jean-Pierre Vergez-Larrouy (