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10531.jpg (95458 bytes)

MK 3 SLEP (Sleeping Car With Pantry).

10531 is seen at the rear of a service train at Carlisle on 3-sept-97.

Photo: Ross Aitken (

10558-S31.jpg (72340 bytes)

MK3a AU4G/SLEP - Sleeping Car With Pantry

10558 looks a sorry sight as it stands at Railcare's Sprinburn Works, Glasgow on Sat 15th May 1999.

Photo and scan: Ross Aitken (

10611.jpg (102208 bytes)

AU4G (SLEP) - MK 3/3A Unclassified Sleeping Car with Pantry.

Preserved 10611 is seen at Llangollen on the Llangollen railway during the autumn diesel gala weekend event on Sat 18-oct-97 @ 16:07.

Photo: Ross Aitken (

10668-D112.jpg (135305 bytes)

B&KR Mk3A AS4G/SLE (Sleeping Car, Unclassified)

10668, a Mk3A Sleeping Car Unclassified (AS4G/SLE), is one of many similar vehicles of this type to find homes on preserved railways as volunteer accomadation to replace asbestos ridden Mk1 examples. Currently owned by the Scottish Railway Preservation Society and based on the Bo'Ness & Kinneil Railway, 10668 stands in the yard at Bo'Ness on Sat 22nd October 2005 at 16:20.

Photo: Ross Aitken (

10685-10.jpg (97166 bytes)

MK3 AS4G/SLE - Sleeping Car.

10685 stands 'out of use' at Glasgow Works/MC Metals on Thu 31st Dec 1998.

Photo and scan: Ross Aitken (

MkIIIa_10729.jpg (105270 bytes)

Mk IIIa SLE 10729 - Sleeper Either Class.

These coaches have 13 compartments which can be made up for first class (one person) or second class (two people).
This one is named 'Crewe' and is part of the land cruse train.

Margam, 2nd April 2005. Colin Baker (