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West Yorkshire PTE "Metro" livery.

158902-leeds-jp.jpg (117889 bytes)

A few class 158s were put into Metro livery operating in Yorkshire and the North. Pictured at Leeds in 1999.

Photo from James & Martin's Picture Collection Copyright 'Jampics'

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158902.jpg (97720 bytes)

Class 158/9 2-car DMU.

158902 (52902+57902) at York with the
10:23 York - Manchester Victoria service on Mon 3-Nov-97 @ 10:15.

Photo: Ross Aitken (

158908.jpg (64775 bytes)

Liverpool Lime Street station with units 158908 (right) in Metro Train livery and 158774 (left) in Regional Railways Express livery during April 1994.

Photo by Mike Arm (

158910.jpg (99592 bytes)

Class 158/9 2-Car DMU.

West Yorkshire liveried and operated 158910 is seen standing at Doncaster Station on 3-Sept-97.

Photo and scan: Ross Aitken (

158910a.jpg (100893 bytes)

Class 158 2-car DMU.

158910 (52910+57910) is seen passing westbound through Haymarket station, Edinburgh with an ECS movement on 13-dec-97 at 12:28.

Photo and scan: Ross Aitken (

br158907.jpg (72932 bytes)

158-907 & 141-111 in Greater Manchester PTE livery with a Regional Railways 158 await their next southbound trips at York, 18 May 1994 (158-907 is about to depart for Liverpool).

Photo and scan copyright Pat & David Othen, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada (