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GB-LinclonCentralStation-02.jpg (152466 bytes)

Looking East from the end of Platform 4 of Lincoln Central station on 23/05/2004, semaphore signaling is still very much in use in this part of England.
The DMU on the left is 153356.

Photo by Chris McKenna

GB-LinclonCentralStation-03.jpg (138663 bytes)

Looking West from platform 5 of Lincoln Central Station towards the level crossing over the high street - one of the most disruptive in the country.
16:40 23/05/2004

Photo by Chris McKenna

GB-LincolnCentralStation-01.jpg (124467 bytes)

Lincoln Central Station viewed from the High Street Level Crossing immediately west of the station. Note the semaphore signaling. 18:16 22/05/2004.

Photo by Chris McKenna

The_Main_Entrance_of_Lincoln_Central_Station.jpg (129252 bytes)

This photograph shows the front and the main entrance of Lincoln Central station. Tuesday the 24th of February 2009

Digital photo by Matthew Battye E-mail: