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Bristol_TM_5029+6024_19_5_2001.jpg (140590 bytes)

Eight-cylinder effort as ex-Great Western Railway 4-6-0s 5029 Nunney Castle and 6024 King Edward I, accelerate away from Bristol Temple Meads station, with “The Capital Castle” special train, bound for London. 19 May 2001. Roger Griffiths:

Llangyfelach.jpg (46123 bytes)

On 30 August 2004, ex-GWR 4-cyl 4-6-0 5029 Nunney Castle, made only the second run in over 40 years, of a Castle Class locomotive to Carmarthen in West Wales. The return route took in the Swansea District Line, a steeply graded route which today is used only by freight trains. The lowering sun glints off the side of 5029 as she passes Llangyfelach, once the site of an immense steelworks employing thousands of men. Today only landscaped fields mark the site of that once huge factory.

Photo and scan Roger Griffiths;

Malago_Vale.jpg (48465 bytes)

The highly successful 2004 season of the “Torbay Express” runs from Bristol to Kingswear and return culminated on 5 September with a stunning performance from Castle Class 4-6-0 5051, carrying her original name of Drysllwyn Castle just for that day. On a beautifully sunny morning 5051 “wakes up the neighbours” as she storms out of Bristol, through Malago Vale.

Photo and scan Roger Griffiths;

Penzance.jpg (145716 bytes)

Penzance, 7 April, 2007: ex-Great Western Railway 4-6-0s, King Class No. 6024 King Edward I and Castle Class No. 5051 Earl Bathurst are made ready to haul “The Great Britain” special train to Bristol. The locomotives turned in a stunning performance, arriving in Bristol no less than 19 minutes early! However, the support crew for No. 5051 were in subdued mood as this was the locomotive’s last run before its boiler certificate expired and it was not known if/when No. 5051 will run again. Roger Griffiths;

SD1166.jpg (43899 bytes)

Castle & Hall Class 4-6-0's, 5051 & 6998, climb up Sapperton Bank at Frampton Mansell with the 'Red Dragon' railtour, 28/6/86. It was a really hot day and there was very little in the way of visible exhaust on the locos, so you can judge how hard they were working when this picture was taken. The sound was awesome.

Photo copyright Stephen Dance (

UK_Aller_5051_1_8_04.jpg (104303 bytes)

The very hot day ensures a clear exhaust for ex-GWR Castle Class 4-6-0 5051 Earl Bathurst, as she roars past Aller with the "Torbay Express" from Bristol to Kingswear. The authenticity of the occasion is completed by the locomotive carrying an appropriate headboard and the correct train reporting number, 146 (a former GWR device to assist signalmen in identifying a particular train), for the Down "Torbay Express". 1 August 2004.

Photo and scan Roger Griffiths;

UK_Bridgwater_7029_and_5051_9_1985.jpg (55084 bytes)

UK The sun breaks through storm clouds to light ex-GWR Castle Class 4-6-0 7029 Clun Castle and 5051 Earl Bathurst near Bridgwater, September 1985

Photo and scan Roger Griffiths

UK_Combe_Fishacre_1_5029+5051_31_5_04.jpg (42763 bytes)

It is mid-afternoon in high summer, but Britain's very changeable weather creates an autumn evening-like situation with low cloud, humidity and a cool temperature. The exhausts of ex-GWR 4-6-0s, 5029 Nunney Castle and 5051 Earl Bathurst hang in the damp atmosphere as the locomotives charge up the 1 in 38 (2.63%) gradient at Combe Fishacre, in South Devon, returning from Penzance to Exeter. 31 May 2004.

Photo and scan Roger Griffiths;

UK_Combe_Fishacre_2_5029+5051_21_8_04.jpg (60818 bytes)

A day under 12 weeks later the same pair of locomotives are again seen at Combe Fishacre, but in very different conditions. The warm afternoon sunlight glints off the copper and brass fittings of 5029 and 5051 as they make another assault on the steep gradient to the western portal of Dainton Tunnel. Gone is the heavy atmospheric situation of 31 May, with almost perfect grey exhausts marking the locomotives' spirited and awe-inspiring progress. 21 August 2004.

Photo and scan Roger Griffiths;

UK_Dainton_1_5051+5029_29_5_04.jpg (56092 bytes)

Eight-cylinder effort as a pair of ex-GWR Castle Class 4-6-0s attacks the 1 in 36/44 gradient (2.78/2.27%) to Dainton Tunnel, in South Devon. 5051 Earl Bathurst and 5029 Nunney Castle, create a grandstand spectacle for hundreds of photographers as the locomotives make steady, but very noisy progress with a special train from Taunton to Penzance. 29 May 2004.

Photo and scan Roger Griffiths;

UK_Ham_Green_5029_9_5_04.jpg (45716 bytes)

A rare opportunity to see a steam-worked train over the recently re-opened, freight only branch line from Bristol to Portbury Dock. Ex-GWR Castle Class 4-6-0 5029 Nunney Castle bursts out of Ham Green Tunnel and approaches the weed-overgrown platform of the long-closed Ham Green Halt; 9 May 2004.

Photo and scan Roger Griffiths;

UK_Hanwell_4079_10_1965.jpg (46147 bytes)

UK ex-GWR "Castle" Class 4-6-0 4079 Pendennis Castle passes Hanwell with a return working to London, Paddington, October 1965

Photo and scan Roger Griffiths

UK_Henbury_4079_30_5_1977.jpg (105534 bytes)

UK – Ex-GWR 4-6-0 4079 Pendennis Castle eases through the closed station at Henbury, north of Bristol, on her way to Avonmouth Docks and a ship to Australia. After more than 23 years on the Hammersley Iron Company's railway, this historic locomotive quite rightly, returned to Britain on 8 July 2000. 30 May 1977.

Photo and scan Roger Griffiths

UK_Huntspill_5051_1_8_04.jpg (48303 bytes)

The last rays of the sun catch Castle Class 4-6-0 5051 Earl Bathurst running on level track at her maximum allowed speed of 75mph (120kph). The 4-cylinder locomotive is seen as she roars past Huntspill with the return "Torbay Express" from Kingswear to Bristol. 1 August 2004.

Photo and scan Roger Griffiths;

UK_Oxford_7029_17_4_1976.jpg (54529 bytes)

UK - Wolvercot Junction: ex-GWR 4-6-0 7029 Clun Castle strongly pulls away from a speed restriction across the junction on the north edge of Oxford. The locomotive was hauling its special train from Birmingham to Didcot. 17 April 1976.

Photo and scan Roger Griffiths

UK_Pembrey_5029_30_8_04.jpg (84987 bytes)

Carrying the "Pembroke Coast Express" headboard, 5029 Nunney Castle makes a rare journey into West Wales. The gleaming 4-6-0 leans into the curving track beside the sand dunes at Pembrey, with a special train from Newport to Carmarthen; 30 August 2004.

Photo and scan Roger Griffiths;

UK_Stormy_Down_W_bound_5029_30_8_2004.jpg (141469 bytes)

A little later in her 30 August journey back to Newport, 5029 made a very fast and noisy ascent of the 5 miles (8kms) climb to Stormy Down Summit, breasting the hill just in time for the last rays of the sun to once again glint off the side of the locomotive.

Photo and scan Roger Griffiths;

gw4073.jpg (79152 bytes)

Great Western 4073 Caerphilly Castle at Didcot Railway Centre, 28.08.99

Photo and scan by René Schneider (

gw5051.jpg (72449 bytes)

Great Western 5051 Earl Bathurst Class Castle 4-6-0 at Didcot Railway Centre, 28.08.99

Photo and scan by René Schneider (

gwr5080t.jpg (74214 bytes)

5029d.jpg (27551 bytes)

Photograph of GWR Castle Class 4-6-0 No 5029 "Nunney Castle". Location Hay Bridge Severn Valley Railway. . Date 22nd Sept 1996. SVR Autumn Steam Gala.

Photo by Eric W. Samuel <>

5051.jpg (83233 bytes)

GWR 4073-Class 'Castle' 4-6-0

5051 'Earl Bathurst' at the Severn Valley Railway (Date Unknown).

Photo: Scott Aitken, Scan: Ross Aitken (

gwr5080t.jpg (63612 bytes)

GWR 5080 "Defiant" (Castle class 4-6-0) beside restored GWR signal box at Birmingham Railway Museum, England, 24 May 1992.

Photo by Pat & David Othen <>