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100_0018: 020 számú Nohab pózol a Magyar Vasúttörténeti Parkban Fotó: hlynur

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The Hungarian NOHAB M61 020 with a nostalgic train at Budapest-Istvántelek. 18.09.2004.

Photo by Gábor Szécsényi

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Budapest Nyugati Terminal: MAV M61,020 is on the ninth track of the Terminal.

Digital photo: Krisztian Balla

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Budapest-Nyugati Terminal: A wonderful, hungarian nostalgic diesel locomotive, "NOHAB", M61,020 pushed the beautiful
coaches of Venice Simplon-Orient-Express to the track of the Terminal from the Hungarian Railway Museum.

Digital photo: B. Krisztian

DSCF9389.jpg (142986 bytes)


Budapest-Nyugati Terminal: The beautiful coaches of Venice Simplon-Orient-Express with M61,020 and V43 1289 electric loco.

Digital photo: B. Krisztian

DSCF9393.jpg (113971 bytes)


Budapest-Nyugati Terminal: The beautiful Sleeping coach of Venice Simplon-Orient-Express with M61,020.

Digital photo: B. Krisztian

M61-020.jpg (105084 bytes)

The new victim. The M61,020 without the horn on the top - it has never been a good omen. I saw him run in early August last time, but he is in danger yet. His (hopefully not final) retirement means, that there are only five NOHAB-GM units in daily use. Some says, he will get the diesel engine of the late M61,008 from the dying M61,013. Some says, he won't.

Picture was taken at Tapolca, on 10th October 1998.

Photo and scan by Ákos Horváth <> (Thanks to Imre Jákli).

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M61-020b.jpg (112386 bytes)

The M61,020 is back!!! I don't know anything about the problem he had, but he's OK now after some idle months. The best news at Tapolca since ages.

Picture was taken at Fonyód, on 22nd November 1998. (Train S8806).

Photo and scan by Ákos Horváth

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The M61,020 NOHAB-GM at Balatonrendes on 17th January 1999 (train S9705).

Photo and scan by Ákos Horváth.

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M61-020d.jpg (118780 bytes)

The M61,020 NOHAB-GM with the train S9705 at Aszófõ near the demi-isle of Tihany at lake Balaton on 17th January 1999.

Photo and scan by Ákos Horváth.

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The M61 010 at Zánka-Köveskál on 31st January 1999 (train 9745).

Photo and scan by Ákos Horváth.

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M61,020 is detached from the train at Szekesfehervar to replace it with an electric locomotive.

Photo by Peter Werner Groh (

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M61 020 of MÁV with a crane at Budapest-Kelenföld station, 13.03.2012.

Photo by István Pusztai (

MAV_M61020_Ferihegy.jpg (119368 bytes)

MÁV M61 020, Ferihegy, Hungary.

Photo by 1047503;

MAV_M61020_M61019_20121025.jpg (117378 bytes)

M61 020 and M61 019 of MÁV in Budapest-Kelenföld station, 25.10.2012.

Photo by István Pusztai (

MAV_M61020_RHP.jpg (149943 bytes)

MÁV - Hungary
Historic locomotive M61.020 (but still in operating condition) in the roundhouse of the Railway History Park.
Budapest, 22-08-2009

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

MAV_____M61020____ujszasz.jpg (162712 bytes)

MÁV M61 020, Ujszász.

Photo by Vasut1848;

MAV_____M61020___hatv.jpg (150246 bytes)

MÁV M61 020, Hatvan.

Photo by Vasut1848;

MAV______M61020___ferencv.jpg (89339 bytes)

MÁV M61 020, Budapest-Ferencváros.

Photo by Vasut1848;

MAV_______M61020.jpg (107636 bytes)

MÁV M61 020, Hatvan.

Photo by Vasut1848;

by-M61-020-jp.jpg (119792 bytes)

M61-020 was getting all steamed up about a sausage festival special it was taking out the following day when we pictured it at the National Railway Museum Budapest on the 21st October 2005.

Photo from James & Martin's Picture Collection Copyright 'Jampics'

British and Foreign Railway Pictures Jampics Fotopic.

m61-020f.jpg (149022 bytes)

The M61 020 is using his full power while accelerating after a speed-slackening signal in the sunrise at Balatonfûzfõ (train 977) on 20th November 1999. Nowadays are just four units of this class in regular use: 006,010,019 and 020; there are no hopes for more. 001 and 002 are still stored because lack of TC's, the 017 belongs since 15th November to the Track Maintenance Ltd. and will become a complete overhaul next Summer.

Photo and scan by Ákos Horváth.

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m61020-02.jpg (50524 bytes)

The very nice M61 020 few days after its repainting at the station Balatonkenese, 14 August 1999.

M61 020 újjáfestése után néhány nappal Balatonkenese állomáson, 1999. augusztusában.

Photo and scan by Gabor Lehoczki (

m61020.jpg (75558 bytes)

M61020 before leaving Budapest-Deli station with a passenger train to Tapolca, May 1996.

Photo: Peter Werner Groh (

m61020badacsony.jpg (78749 bytes)

MÁV M61.020 (noch im planmäßigen Betrieb) Badacsony August 2000

Foto: Tom Tokai (

m61_020_Bcsaba_041023_1.jpg (160671 bytes)

The M61,020 with her special train is waiting for departure on a side track at Békéscsaba station on 23rd October 2004.

This picture was taken from the overpass leading to the roundhouse of the depot. Track maintenance works were due towards Kétegyháza that day. Upon this occasion we had a special guest earlier, just as our train arrived. It was our beloved Humpback, M40,113!

Digital photo by András Benedek. <>

Nohabs.jpg (129782 bytes)

MÁV Nohabs, Tapolca.

Photo by Vasut1848;