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M63-003.jpg (148255 bytes)

M63-003 Szombathely 2003.12.16

Foto: Lendvai Richárd (

M63003.jpg (114432 bytes)

M63 003 a szombathelyi vasútállomás mögött
2005. 01. 05. 1606

Photo: _TOMPY_ Software (

M63003D.jpg (67442 bytes)

The only one remaining unit of the 2000 kW diesel electric locomotive of Hungary: M63,003. It is repainted as a reserve locomotive. Exhibited at Ajka, on 9. July 1998

Photo by Peter Werner Groh (

M63003_SM.jpg (59930 bytes)

MAV M63 003, the only one remained piece of class M63, repainted and from outside renewed, stored in Szombathely in front of maintenance workshop in 1999. Later in 2000 transfered to the Hungarian Railway Museum, Budapest and there exhibited.

Photo by Gyorgy Jablonszky

M63003a_Sm_19980704.jpg (71404 bytes)

MÁV M63 003 after some renewing in Szombathely diesel workshop. 04.07.1998.

Photo by Peter Werner Groh (

M63003c_Sm_19980704.jpg (64890 bytes)

MÁV M63 003 after some renewing in Szombathely diesel workshop. 04.07.1998.

Photo by Peter Werner Groh (

MAV_M63003_RHP.jpg (159725 bytes)

MÁV - Hungary
The large diesel locomotives of class M63 were not a success. Only 10 were built in 1970-1975 but these were soon displaced by electrification of the main lines. None is left in service anymore, this one at the museum is the only one surviving.
Budapest, 22-08-2009

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

MAV_M63_003.jpg (131773 bytes)

MÁV M63 003 at Szombathely 1999.

Digital photo by: Frischmann Gáspár,

m63-001.jpg (90587 bytes)

MÁV Class M63 class diesel electric engine during a test run at Vámosgyörk station, 1971. This engine was made by Ganz-Mavag (10 units) with a SEMT-Pielstick engine, but all of them were retired between 1990-1994, only one survived in Budapest, at the North Engine House.

Photo: Imre Lovas
Scanned by Laszlo Szita (

m63-001_2.jpg (147527 bytes)

MÁV M63-001 diesel-electric locomotive with original colors
only 10 M63 series engines maded
Co'Co' , Vmax=130 km/h, P=1985 kW

Photo: Ganz archive, 1970
Scan: Geza Kiss (

m63-005.jpg (87556 bytes)

MÁV Class M63 diesel electric engine waiting for its next duty. These engines served on Budapest-Szombathely line hauling heavy fast and express trains.
Scanned by Laszlo Szita (

m63003.jpg (53770 bytes)

M63,003 is the only remaining unit of a heavy fast train locomotive series. This series was developed in Ganz-Mavag between 1970-1975. They were used till 1992, when all M63 locomotives were withdrawn. Only this unit remained, for the Hungarian Museum of transport. It is equipped with a 18-cylinder version of SEMT-Pielstick PA4-185 diesel engines, with the output of 1980kW. More data and pictures of this locomotive are available on:

Photo: Mihaly Ovari (

m63004fc.jpg (90107 bytes)

Two M63 locomotives at Budapest in 1975: 001 is prototype in an older livery and the few days old 004. This latter had an accident in the 80's, so to be withdrawn.

Photo: András Novák, scanned by Peter Werner Groh (Gigant Club),

m63005d1.jpg (85383 bytes)

An M63 locomotive before start with a fast train to Szombathely Budapest Déli in 1989. In 1990 the service of these locomotives ended.

Photo: András Novák, scanned by Peter Werner Groh (Gigant Club),