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93-36.jpg (67809 bytes)

Tiny 200HP MÁV switcher class M28.1 in its recent dark orange colour.

Photo by Janos Ero <>
Scan by Marco van Uden <>

96I-35.jpg (67942 bytes)

French electric locomotive class 26000 "Sybic".
Picture taken during the big locomotive show for the 150th anniversary of the Hungarian railways on 13-14 July 1996 in Budapest.

Photo by Janos Ero <>
Scan by Marco van Uden <>

96II-21.jpg (65323 bytes)

Tyny 200HP MÁV switcher class M28, repainted in its original green colour. This subclass M28.1 has a mechanical transmission.
Picture taken during the big locomotive show for the 150th anniversary of the Hungarian railways on 13-14 July 1996 in Budapest.

Photo by Janos Ero <>
Scan by Marco van Uden <>

DSCF0241.jpg (98498 bytes)

DSCF0241 Station: Szentes (Line 130 and 147): Original motor of the hungarian shunter locomotive, the M28 series.

Photo: B.Krisztian (

M28,1003.jpg (68523 bytes)

M28,1003 2004.04.12. Székesfehérvár Digitfotó: Sulyok Ferenc

M28-1002.jpg (78483 bytes)

M28 1002 in Kecskemet
This small engine is hauling locomotives in the area of Kecskemet engine shed.

Kecskemet, Hungary 16-03-2002 8:32

Photo by Endre Barta

M28-1003.jpg (97174 bytes)

"Hi! I work here, I'm the depot shunter!"

2003. 05. 31., 11:04

Photo by Endre Barta (
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M28-1014.jpg (55258 bytes)

M28 1014 at engine shed Debrecen

Debrecen, Hungary, 23-06-2002. 09:26

Photo by Endre Barta (

M28-1022_-Miskolc-.jpg (64523 bytes)

Tiny shunting locomotive MÁV M28 1022 at Miskolc diesel engine shed.

Miskolc, Hungary, 06-10-2002, 13:36

Photo by Endre Barta (

M28-2005_nagykanizsa.jpg (120566 bytes)

M28 2005 a lebombázott mozdonyszín egyik mementója előtt

The M28 2005 standing in front of the roundhouse that was bombed down by the USAF in 1944
További képek M28 sorozatú tolatómozdonyokról

M281001_Fusti.jpg (111644 bytes)

MAV M28 1001 little diesel shunter in original green livery in Hungarian Railway Museum. It's a museal locomotive, but work regularly also, for example move the cold steam locomotives and cars. Built in 1956. Photographed on 29.04.2001.

Digital photo by A.Kirchner

M281014.jpg (108942 bytes)

MÁV M28 1014
Debrecen 2002.10.30.

Digital photo by: Juhos Sándor ,

M281014Futohaz.jpg (141943 bytes)

Small shunter M28 1014 working in Debrecen shed, 2004.12.28.

Photo by Zoltan Magyarics (

M282006_UD.jpg (50614 bytes)

Little diesel shunter M28 2006 have a main work to move electric locos in depot Dombóvár for the maintenance, photographed on 17.12.1997.

Photo by Zoltan Czifra

M28_1002kk.jpg (102073 bytes)

MÁV M28 1002 diesel shunter at Kecskemét on 02.5.2003

Photo by Iványi Csaba (

M28_2014.jpg (91309 bytes)

MÁV M28,2014 at Debrecen depot, 2004

Photo: Hoványi Péter (,

MAV_288208_201407.jpg (111792 bytes)

288 208 (M28 2008) of MÁV in Budapest-Ferencváros locomotive maintenance depot, July 2014.

Photo by István Pusztai (

MAV_M281001_RHP.jpg (143482 bytes)

MÁV - Hungary
Two shunters of class M28 at the roundhouse and turntable of the Railway History Park.
Budapest, 22-08-2009

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

Mav_M281007_Gyor.jpg (103325 bytes)

MAV M28 1007 in Győr. Betriebsdienst bei der Traktion Győr. Győr, 29.03.2004

Photo: Szabó Zoltán (

Mazsola2014DB.jpg (142425 bytes)

Small shunter loco M28 2014 (nicknamed "raisin") freshly painted in Debrecen, April 2003.

Photo by Zoltan Magyarics (

Nyiregyhaza1.jpg (108548 bytes)

MÁV M28,1010 at Nyíregyháza depot on 30.04.2005.

Photo: Hoványi Péter ( Homepage:

P1000273.jpg (142187 bytes)

Bekescsaba: The little M28-1005 is having a rest.

Digital photo: Krisztian Balla

hu-14-99.jpg (76529 bytes)

Small shunter (M28?) somewhere near Dorog, Hungary, May 1999.

Photo and scan by Frank Válóczy

m28-1001_mvp_020713.jpg (116549 bytes)

Diesel shunter locomotive M28 1001 of the MÁV shunting in the Magyar Vasúttörténeti Park. 13.07.2002

Digital photo by Péter Halász (

m28-1014.jpg (109986 bytes)

MÁV M28 1014 Debrecen 18.04.2003

Photo by Bedenek József

m28-1019.jpg (142778 bytes)

M28 1019 shunter at Cece station on October 22, 1986. This loco was used at the reconstruction of the track between Cece and Vajta.

Photo by Borkovits Tamás <>

m28-2005_1.jpg (111759 bytes)

Diesel shunter locomotive M28 2005 of the MÁV at Nagykanizsa shed. 22.08.2002

Digital photo by István Halász (

m28-2005_2.jpg (120386 bytes)

Diesel shunter locomotive M28 2005 of the MÁV at Nagykanizsa shed. 22.08.2002

Digital photo by István Halász (

m281001.jpg (86021 bytes)

This picture was made on the locomotive show for the 150th anniversary of Hungarian Railway Transport, in Budapest, 13 July 1996.
M28s are the smallest output (95 to 141 kW) diesel-mechanic, later hydraulic shunters of MAV. Built from 1956. Most of the 34 units are still in service today. They've got the nickname "Little Steve".

Photo: Peter Werner Groh (

m281006_032206.jpg (123712 bytes)

Az M28 1006-os Mazsola a ferencvárosi dízelszínben áll.
The M28 1006 is standing in the diesel shed at Ferencváros depot.

Date: 3/22/2006 12:26:50 PM
Size: 121 kB
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m281011021106.jpg (145768 bytes)

Az M28 1011 pályaszámú tolatómozdony a Kecskeméti fűtőház egyik vágányán egy "Süsü" hőlégsugaras hóolvasztóval. Shunting engine M28 1011 spends time at Kecskemét depot with a "Süsü" (common name among good Hungarian dragons), a thermo-beam snowmelder used to clean points.
Date: 2/11/2006 11:55:54 AM
Size: 142 kB

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m282010_m472032pecs20040815.jpg (118707 bytes)

Diesel locomotives of MÁV, M28 2010 and M47 2032 in depot Pécs, on 15.08.2004.

Photo by Janos Nemeth (

m28_1011_kecskemet.jpg (151182 bytes)

M28 1011 Kecskemét állomáson.
The M28 1011 at Kecskemét station.

Date: 2006. 05. 22. 20:25:49
Size: 148 kB
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HZ1142_M28_PS.jpg (103567 bytes)

The giant and the dwarf: HZ 1142 004 (hired to MAV) with 4400 kW and the little diesel-hydraulic shunter M28 2010 of the MAV with 100 kW standing in station Pécs, Hungary. 18.05.2001.

Photo: Gabor Lehoczki