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DSCF0226.jpg (107907 bytes)

DSCF0226 Station: Szentes (Line 130 and 147): an old diesel locomotive of M31 series with snow-ploughs.The inscription on the door in English is:
"Changed to "inner service" on 22 May 2002.

Photo: B.Krisztian (

M31-2035_Rakosrendezo.jpg (123065 bytes)

At forwarding a littele steamer from Istvantelek to the Railway History Park
Budapest-Rákosrendezo, 9/11/2003

Photo: Endre Barta (
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M31-2047_-Kiskunhalas-.jpg (72647 bytes)

MÁV M31 2047 at depot Kiskunhalas is one of the five remaining locos. MÁV won't expend much money for their maintenance - the are running until they can...

Kiskunhalas, Hungary, 18-10-2002, 14:55

Photo by Endre Barta (

M312015_SzentesGF.jpg (150132 bytes)

MÁV M31 2015 diesel shunter, equipped with snowplough, in Szentes depot.

Digital photo by A.Kirchner

M312035_line136.jpg (84665 bytes)

M31 2035 diesel shunter with a special train between Szeged and Röszke on the "Eclipse day" 11.08.1999. The train consisted M31 2035, two Bhv passenger cars and M61 017.

Photo by Gyorgy Jablonszky

M31_2015sze.jpg (144512 bytes)

MÁV M31 2015 in Szentes on 21.02.2004.

Photo by Iványi Csaba (

M31_2038.jpg (91930 bytes)

M31 class Diesel-hydraulic switcher (Ganz-MÁVAG, 1st built 1958) at Szeged station. By now, only a few locomotives of this class are left in service.

Photo and scan: Zsolt Kemény (

P06340.jpg (110682 bytes)

Historic diesel locomotive M31.2035 in original green livery on the turntable of the Hungarian Railway Museum "Fusti".
Budapest, 20.06.2001.

Digital photo by P. Rozgonyi (

m31-2007_-_istvantelek.jpg (139965 bytes)

Discarded M31 2007 in the reparature hall of Istvantelek. Renewal as historic engine or gives spare parts for other M31 engines is a question

Budapest, Hungary - 2003.07.31., 16:16

Photo by Endre Barta (

m31-2012.jpg (154050 bytes)

M31 2012 on a side (industrial) track close to Baja station on August 21, 1986.

Photo by Borkovits Tamás <>

m31-2035_mvp_020713.jpg (110051 bytes)

Diesel shunter locomotive M31 2035 of the MÁV shunting in the Magyar Vasúttörténeti Park. 13.07.2002

Digital photo by Péter Halász (

m31-2035_mvp_140903.jpg (149890 bytes)

Diesel-hydraulic shunter M31 2035 of the MÁV is shunting in the Magyar Vasúttörténeti Park. 14.09.03.

Digital photo by Péter Halász (

m31-2047.jpg (66877 bytes)

A great surprise (at least for me)! A still working M31 loco at Kiskunhalas on November 20, 1997

Photo by Borkovits Tamás <>

m312035.jpg (106287 bytes)

This picture was made on the locomotive show for the 150th anniversary of Hungarian Railway Transport, in Budapest, 13 July 1996.
Nicknamed "Zetor", from a Czech agriculture machine, is a 331 kW diesel-hydraulic shunter built in 1958-1960 in Ganz-Mavag. 51 units were made, but only 6 units are in service today.

Photo: Peter Werner Groh (

zetor.jpg (149153 bytes)

Renovated and repainted M31 "Zetor" in the "Füsti" Railway Museum at Budapest.

Photo by Péter Olasz (