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Kando-locomotive V40. This was the world's first mainline industry-frequency single phase electric loco. This example, the V40,016 is on display in front of the Keleti RR Station in Budapest. It cannot participate in shows or haul museum trains as it was built for 16kV catenary, but Hungary changed the voltage in 1973 for 25kV.

Photo by Janos Ero <>
Scan by Marco van Uden <>

MAV_V40_016.jpg (141394 bytes)

MÁV V40 016 in Füsti 2001.

Digital photo by: Frischmann Gáspár,

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Historic electric locomotive V40.016 in the Hungarian Railway Museum "Füsti".
Budapest, 20.04.2001.

Digital photo by P. Rozgonyi (

V40016_Budapest_Keleti_1951.jpg (156989 bytes)

MÁV V40 016 locomotive at Budapest-Keleti in 1951.


phexch.jpg (67842 bytes)

The phase exchanger of a Kando-type AC locomotive MAV V40. This unit transformed the one phase 25 kV 50 Hz AC into 3 phase AC. The speed of the locomotive was adjusted by the varying of the poles of the driving motor. This system worked in reverse form providing backfeeding of current upon braking. The picture was taken in the Northern Railway Workshop of Budapest, Hungary.

Photo and scan by Peter Werner Groh (

v40-016.jpg (57701 bytes)

An old V40 class loco in the parking place of Budapest Keleti. These locos were built in the 30's and 40's, and were used on the Budapest-Hegyeshalom line (the first electrified main-line in Hungary). The V40 class was constructed by Kandó Kálmán, a very famous Hungarian engineer.

Photo by Borkovits Tamás <>

v40.jpg (41703 bytes)

The Kando-type V40,016 exhibited at Budapest-Keleti Station. V40s were produced between 1932 and 1941. 29 units were built. They ran till the end of the 60's in Line No.1 between Budapest and Hegyeshalom.

Photo and scan by Mihaly Ovari.
Sent by Peter Werner Groh. (