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MÁV Station Budapest-Angyalföld on 15.02.2003

Photo by Iványi Csaba (

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The wonderful station building of Budapest Angyalföld was renovated in honour of the 150-year old Hungarian Railway in 1996.
Budapest Angyalföld, 2003. 05. 28., 7:20

Photo by Endre Barta (
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Kőbánya-Hízlaló station, Budapest, Hungary. 09.11.2006. This station was used only by freight trains and since the fall of communism in Hungary, there is not much traffic.

Photo by Balázs Rusznyák (

budapest_jozsefvaros.jpg (91155 bytes)

View of Budapest Józsefváros station. It's a small terminus in the centre of Budapest. 06.06.2002

Digital photo by István Halász (

jozswefvaros1.jpg (76805 bytes)

Budapest-Józsefváros: a bezárt állomás forgalmi irodája.
The office of the closed station Budapest-Józsefváros.

Date: 5/25/2006 9:22:03 AM
Size: 72 kB
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kobanya-teher.jpg (149522 bytes)

Signalbox at Kőbánya Teherpályaudvar (Budapest, Hungary). 14.09.03.

Digital photo by Péter Halász (