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Streamlined light express steam locomotive 242.001 exhibited at the station of Püspökladány, in eastern Hungary. Only four of the Class were built between 1936-40, by MÁVAG (Budapest). One of them reached 161 km/h on a test run, the speed record for Hungarian steam engines. They used to haul the Baltic-Orient express trains double-headed between Budapest and the Romanian border at Biharkeresztes. The 4-4-4T engines had a maximum service speed of 120 km/h.

Photo taken in March 1998, by Ferenc Joó (; scan: László Szita (

242001.jpg (84681 bytes)

MÁV 242 001
Hungarian Raiway Museum 2002.10.26.

Digital photo by: Juhos Sándor ,

242001_13.jpg (125074 bytes)

MÁV 242 001
Székesfehérvár, 2003.05.31.

Digital photo:S.Juhos (Hungary) www

242001_SV.jpg (113207 bytes)

Streamlined steam locomotive 242 001 on the turntable of Székesfehérvár depot, on the open day "30 years of M41 in Hungary". 31.05.2003.

Digital photo by Zoltan Czifra

MAV_242001.jpg (124061 bytes)

242 001 of MÁV in the Hungarian Railway Museum, 22.09.2013.

Photo by István Pusztai (

MAV_242001_Nagymaros.jpg (126557 bytes)

Streamline locomotive MÁV 242 001 at Nagymaros in July 2007.

Digital photo: András Tatai (

MAV______242001___szolnok.jpg (134537 bytes)

MÁV 242 001, Szolnok.

Photo by Vasut1848;

N14081.jpg (117836 bytes)

242 001 steam locomotive at Székesfehérvár station after hauling a special train from Budapest. 31.05.2003.

Digital photo by Peter Rozgonyi (

P1140611-1.jpg (104204 bytes)

242.001 at the Loco-Parade in Bratislava.

Digital photo: Krisztian Balla

P1140618.jpg (96119 bytes)

242.001 at the Loco-Parade in Bratislava.

Digital photo: Krisztian Balla

lanP5310055.jpg (61923 bytes)

Steam Loco with Nostalgie Train (242) at leave Dinnyés Station, Hungary.
It was the Loco Parade at Szekesfehérvar.

242-es gőzös a Füstiből indított Nostalgia szerelvénnyel éppen elgahyja Dinnyés állomást.

2003.05.31 Hungary (MÁV)

Foto: Szelesi Tamás (

303002_269_242001_Fusti.jpg (121061 bytes)

Steam locos in the Hungarian Railway Museum: from right to left 303 002, 269 (later MAV 335 095), 242 001.

Digital photo by A.Kirchner