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2000_03_03_n_06.jpg (154853 bytes)

e632 050 - whit IR 2065
Asti - 18/02/2000.

Photo and scan: A. Accomando

2_7.jpg (157510 bytes)

Uno degli innumerevoli regionali
nella cintura di Milano.
Ottobre '97

Foto Accomando

632+RINF_FE_89.jpg (145219 bytes)

A FS class E632 pushing a shuttle to Bologna at Ferrara in 1989.
At that time it was frequent to handle the rises of passenger demand caused by shows and trade fairs in Bologna adding some cars to the regular trains, rather than running specials. Since the service between Venezia and Bologna was (and still is) fulfilled by locked-consist shuttles, the old coaches of the Fifties used for this duty had to be added to the rear end of the train, as seen in the picture.

Photo and scan by Jacopo Fioravanti (

632-012-mt.jpg (88469 bytes)

FS Class E632 Electric Locomotive.
E632.012 has just departed Mestre station on Friday May 17th, 2002 with train #IR2233 to Bologna (12:18 departure). The loco is at the rear of the train and the train is being operated from a control car on the front. This train is also hauling 2 apparently empty coaches including a regional car next to the engine. I had never seen this done before in Italy.

Photo by Michael Taylor, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. (


632-015-mt.jpg (82212 bytes)

FS Electric Locomotive Class 632. E632-015 waits at Treviso on Thursday June 21, 2001 with train number R2786 to Trieste ( departure 17:18 hours) which is the 16:42 from Venice S. Lucia.

Photo by Michael Taylor, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. (


632-026-mt.jpg (76765 bytes)

FS Electric Loco Class E632. E632-026 arrives from Venice at Treviso on Thursday June 21, 2001. This is train R11032 departing at 17:37 for Udine (17:04 from Venice S. Lucia).

Photo by Michael Taylor, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. (


632006.jpg (139936 bytes)

FS E632 006 at Rapallo in August 1989.

Photo and scan by Jacopo Fioravanti (

632011.jpg (147459 bytes)

FS E632 011 in Bologna San Donato engine terminal on May 10th, 1992.

Photo and scan by Jacopo Fioravanti (

632052.jpg (108309 bytes)

FS E632 052 with D2886 From Bologna Centrale to Venezia Santa Lucia, between Ferrara and Pontelagoscuro on May 30th, 1991.

Photo and scan by Jacopo Fioravanti (

632055.jpg (149578 bytes)

FS E632 055 and E632 032 in Bologna Centrale engine terminal on May 10th, 1992.

Photo and scan by Jacopo Fioravanti (

632057_MI_87.jpg (143959 bytes)

FS E632 057 at Milano Centrale in 1987, probably with a train to Ancona.

Photo and scan by Jacopo Fioravanti (

632060_FE_88.jpg (146727 bytes)

FS E632 060 with a local to Padova composed of low floor cars, some in the oldest slate-grey livery, at Ferrara in 1988.

Photo and scan by Jacopo Fioravanti ( .

632_005-Tirano.jpg (158817 bytes)

FS electric locomotive class E.632 #005, Tirano
The due to local scribblers not particularly nice looking locomotive E.632.005 parked together with regional coaches at Tirano station. These engines were built between 1982 and 1984 and are almost entirely serving regional passenger trains in northern Italy. Photo taken Sunday 22 June 2003.

Photo: Steffen Mokosch (

96I-10.jpg (77222 bytes)

Electric locomotive class E.632 in Padova/Italy station.

Photo by Janos Ero <>
Scan by Marco van Uden <>

980205.jpg (30692 bytes)

98 - 02 - 05
Linea Firenze-Roma, Arezzo, Z.I. Pratacci
Una E 646 spinge il Reg. 3056 Arezzo-Firenze

Copyright 1998-2001, Massimo Becacci per Valdelsa & Treni (

E632-005_-105005_1095-.jpg (113909 bytes)

Locomotiva elettrica E 632-005, fotografata a Milano San Rocco nell'Ottobre del 1995.

Photo and scan by Fabrizio Zagli (

E_632_012_S_Lucia.jpg (95912 bytes)

E 632 012 after arriving at Venezia S.Lucia with R 11035 from Udine 02/11/03

Photo: Ulf;  

Thousands of full size pictures from the austrian railway pictureteam at

FS_632_003.jpg (116875 bytes)

FS 632 003 waiting for departure at Milano Centrale in the morning of 10th of March 2003.

Photo by Arnim v. Herff (

FS_632_038.jpg (154074 bytes)

FS 632 038 departs from Milan Central Station on 17 May 2001 Scanned photo by Leon Schrijvers

P3170042.jpg (128250 bytes)

FS E632 in Milano Centrale

S2010158.jpg (52233 bytes)

FS E 632 class waiting for the clear signal in Venezia S.L at 2003.02.22.

Photo taken by : Zoltan Bajanhazi & Peter Zsiros E-mail:

e632.jpg (59968 bytes)

Locomotore elettrico serie E 632 delle ferrovie italiane FS fotografato a Milano Centrale nel marzo del 1988. I locomotori delle famiglie E 632, E633 ed E 652 sono soprannominati "Tigre" e portano l'omonimo stemma sulle fiancate.

Photo and scan by Silvio Assi (E-mail: ---- homepage:

e632_014.jpg (45880 bytes)

E 632 014 waiting to leave...

Photo made by Andrea Novara (

e632_014_a.jpg (65150 bytes)

E 632 014 waiting to leave for regional service.

Photo made by Alessandro Storti Gajani (

fs_e632blg.jpg (146042 bytes)

FS - Italy
Electric locomotive E.632 054 with a local train stabled in the main station of Bologna, Bologna Centrale.
Bologna(I) - 24/11/2000

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

pic_023.jpg (84794 bytes)

FS E632 043 in old livery
San Benedetto del Tronto - 09/2003

Daniele Neroni

venezia1.jpg (34384 bytes)

Venezia Maestre, 23.7.1987. Lok 632 019 und eine baugleiche Schwester warten darauf, das Gleis raeumen zu koennen.

Foto & Scan: Peter Berlich (