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CFLME2609.jpg (145123 bytes)

CFL Siemens Dispolok ME 26 09 in Depot Luxembourg 11/09/2000. More of the CFL

LU_CFL_ME26.jpg (77004 bytes)

ME-26 parked next to a Belgian .5511 in Ath (Belgium) on 2/7/00.

Photo by Michiel Ronsse (

ME2603.jpg (148465 bytes)

The new CFL Diesellocomotive from the Siemens Dispolokpool ME 26 03 at Esch/Belval on the 11/07/2000. For more infos of the CFL contact M.Flammang at or look under

PICT__33_.jpg (144066 bytes)

Me 26 building up speed on her way to Berchem.
Réiserbann, 09-2003.

Photo by BLEY Eric. ( )

PICT__35_.jpg (149446 bytes)

Another Me26 heading towards Wasserbillig.
Alzingen, 09-2003.

Photo by BLEY Eric. ( )