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Syria 25.9.2008: Not a railway photograph but very worth airing as it shows the 15,000-seat Roman theatre contained within Bosra Citadel. This edifice is almost certainly the most complete example of its type anywhere in the world and well worth a visit – and (under certain conditions), you can travel there by steam train! Due to the lack of tourists visiting Syria, the tour group had this marvellous place all to themselves – good for us, but not so good for Syria’s income from tourists… Roger Griffiths;

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Syria 27.9.2008: Interior of the Hedjaz Railway Locomotive Works at Cadem, Damascus, deserted except for one locomotive. It was obvious that little work had been done here for many months and with the acute lack of funds reported by the Works Manager, it seems certain that nothing more will happen in the future, in this incredible, living (just!) relic of the past. Roger Griffiths;

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2nd class Ticket Aleppo-Homs Date 13/11/08

Photo by Nicolai Meyer

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1st class Ticket Damascus-Aleppo by Nighttrain A rarity: We convinced the station-master to issue a ticket before reservation starts (usually 24hrs before departure). Date 29/11/08

Photo by Nicolai Meyer